My Kitchen Rules semi-finalists Will and Steve will face off against Ash and Camilla.
My Kitchen Rules semi-finalists Will and Steve will face off against Ash and Camilla. Channel 7

Ash and Camilla vs Will and Steve in first MKR semi-final

A CAPITAL city showdown is brewing on My Kitchen Rules.

Melbournites Ash and Camilla will face off against Sydneysiders Will and Steve in the reality cooking show's first semi-final showdown.

Ash and Camilla hosted the final ultimate instant restaurant tonight, with their score of 62 knocking ambitious Perth couple Drasko and Bianca out of the competition.

"MKR has given me that little kick up the backside to follow my dream to become a chef," said Drasko, who is now reportedly working as an apprentice for MKR judge Colin Fassnidge in Sydney.

Ash and Camilla impressed during the first course of their meal with a generous portion of lobster.

"It just looked very simple but simply gorgeous," judge Manu Feildel said.

"The sauce is full of flavour, maybe a little thin but the crustacean is really coming out. It's beautiful, and a very generous portion of lobster."

Their main courses failed to impress after the women used the wrong cut of chicken in their Coq Au Vin and failed to develop intense flavours in their consommé.

 "I have to commend you on your presentation. It looked absolutely gorgeous when it hit the table," Pete Evans said.

"One of the elements on this plate you executed perfectly. The ravioli was the star. It sung on my palate. I thought it was beautiful but the consommé needed some more oomph.

"It was a brave dish but you need to focus on the depth of flavour."

The friends rebounded in their final course, impressing everyone at the table with their homemade puff pastry.

"Congratulations, that puff pastry is delicious, crispy, fluffy, flaky, buttery and sweet, just the way it's supposed to be," Feildel said.

"My biggest happiness with this dessert is you have proved to everyone that puff pastry is achievable in this competition so thank you very much."



Ash and Camilla's menu

Entrée: Asparagus salad with 63 degree egg

Entrée: Scallop mousse with lobster sauce

Main: Coq Au Vin with pasta

Main: Three cheese ravioli with game consommé

Dessert: Gateau Aux Trios Laits

Dessert: Mille-Feuille

Score: 62