PICTURE PERFECT: Diner en Blanc at Maryborough State High.
PICTURE PERFECT: Diner en Blanc at Maryborough State High. Alistair Brightman

Maryborough school at centre of city's major events

MARYBOROUGH State High School principal Simon Done said he was proud his school was part of the "visually stunning" Diner en Blanc.

The Fraser Coast's most exclusive dinner coincided with the worldwide event spanning six continents, in which people have a meal dressed in white in a temporary dining set-up.

This year, the event was held in and around the Fairy Ring at the school.




Mr Done said the school had started to position itself as a hub for major events because of its city-central location and his philosophy believing a school should be the heart of its community.

A school staff member was the brain child behind the very successful Fraser Coast Technology Challenge, which has run for 16 years.

Mr Done said FraserPop was an educational community event.

"It was not only for our diploma students to do their assessment and be outward-facing while they are doing their assessment, but it was also around the idea of making sure that the perception of youth of kids cant do this and that; well these are 17 year old men and women running a major event and they are doing a really good job of it," he said.

"We are really very proud as a school to be the centre of Maryborough and we are more than happy to continue in that role to fulfil that important position that we have."

He said since building the Murdoch Darling Centre, the school had held big events, with bookings for more.

"At the end of the year we have a group bringing Wide Bay Pro Wrestling for the first time to Maryborough to our facility," he said.

"With the construction of our sports stadium, that will open us up to state carnivals for soccer, hockey and those sort of events.

"We really do take seriously the idea that we are the centre of town and we know that we have to give back to our community because we are right at its centre."