ATHLETES are renowned for keeping track of their personal bests, and it seems snake catchers are no different.

Toowoomba reptile handler Nathan Garrod crawled into the ceiling of a Prince Henry Heights home yesterday, armed with a torch and a small cloth bag.

He emerged triumphant with a sack full of juvenile snakes and a new personal record.

His five-snake mother lode included three carpet pythons and two brown tree snakes - the latter mildly venomous with rear fangs, but not considered dangerous to most humans.

He released the snakes back into the wild on the escarpment of Prince Henry Dr shortly afterwards, explaining that those things that go bump in the night may well be of the reptilian variety.

"It's common for snakes to head up into roofs around this time of year, trying to find somewhere warm and dry to spend the winter," Mr Garrod said.

"I often find one or two up there, but pulling out five in one go is my new record.

"They were all huddled up together in the insulation to keep warm."

While they might not be everybody's cup of tea, Mr Garrod said snakes in the ceiling can actually be a blessing for rat and mouse control.

Throw out the mousetraps, ditch the poisonous baits and throw a couple of nice-sized pythons into the ceiling.

Just make sure you don't have any small pets running around.

"We try to encourage people to leave them up there," Mr Garrod said.

"They don't do any harm, but the fact is that not everybody wants to leave a bunch of snakes up in their roof.

"That's why we offer this service.

"I'd rather see them safely released back into the wild than to have something happen to them."

To get snakes safely removed from your property call Nathan Garrod on 0488 749 135.