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Aussie singer tackles cyberbullying

AUSTRALIAN singer Vanessa Amorosi is supporting a campaign that tackles cyberbullying and helps improve online safety for Australian youths.

Many Australian children fall victim to cyberbullying, and in a world where nearly every young person is using some form of social media, kids are reminded how to avoid the dangers of internet misuse.

Ms Amorosi has joined forces with Kids Helpline and Optus to launch the Make Cyberspace a Better Place campaign and talked about their education packs on Friday, which aim to teach young people about internet safety.

Ms Amorosi was bullied as a teenager and is committed to initiatives that educate and help youths make safer and smarter choices.

"Young people today spend a huge amount of time interacting with people in online communities and many don't think of potential safety issues," Ms Amorosi said.

"Bullying has always been a problem but when it spills into the internet there is no escaping it.

"I think it is important for young people to know there are resources they can access and strategies they can implement to manage cyberbullying, to remain safe in cyberspace and to rise above the bullies," she said.

Kids Helpline General Manager Wendy Protheroe said every Australian school has started the year equipped with the education packs, which feature resources teachers can use to help students make safer choices online.

"Cyberbullying impacts on self-confidence, self-esteem, friendships, school grades and family relationships," Ms Protheroe said.

"It is wonderful that Vanessa, who… is passionate about children's safety issues, is helping us raise awareness about this 21st century issue.

"We developed the packs in conjunction with our partner, Optus, to increase young people's awareness and understanding about cyberbullying, sexting and general online safety.

"We're calling on teachers around the nation to embrace Safer Internet Day on Tuesday (today) and use these packs as a way to start discussions about cyber safety," she said.

For more information and to download the education packs, visit