Kevin Skinner's packages of medicinal marijuana have been going missing in the post with no explanation why. Picture: Shae Beplate.
Kevin Skinner's packages of medicinal marijuana have been going missing in the post with no explanation why. Picture: Shae Beplate.

Australia Post losing man’s marijuana packages

A TOWNSVILLE man has been left in crippling pain after packages of his leafy lifeline mysteriously went missing in the post.

A workplace injury in 2016 left Deeragun man Kevin Skinner with chronic pain and reliant on opiates, but 12 months ago he was given the green light for a medicinal marijuana trial.

Despite the success of the trial, a haze of smoke has been cast on the future of his deliveries with Mr Skinner claiming his supplier is reluctant to keep posting out drugs that keep going missing.

His orders, which are posted from the Gold Coast, contain about 10g of marijuana and cost Mr Skinner $250 each.

The 56-year-old said the trial was going well for six months until a package never made it to his door in July last year.

This was the first of three incidents where Mr Skinner's package of pot mysteriously disappeared without any explanation.

Tracking numbers on each package stated two were last scanned at Thuringowa, and one at the Gold Coast, but never made it out.

"I even changed where to send it to, changed the name on the package, and asked the pharmacy to leave off any details on the package," the Deeragun man said.


Mr Skinner said his life transformed when he began using medicinal marijuana instead of opiates.

"It gives you a clear head and takes away the pain," he said.

Unfortunately, he was forced to resort back to strong medication when his marijuana sources became irregular.

The issues have also cost Mr Skinner $750 in missing supplies and at least $80 for the renewal of each script - a cash luxury the pensioner could not afford.

Mr Skinner told the Townsville Bulletin that he would not be reimbursed any cash from Australia Post and his marijuana supply was jeopardised by the reluctant supplier.

His supplier was happy to refund all lost money directly to Mr Skinner.

"I've just gone through eight days of withdrawals coming off this medication," Mr Skinner said.

"It's been tough, but I'm just trying to get through."

Australia Post could not comment on Mr Skinner's case but a spokesman said that it took all missing mail seriously.

"Allegations of any mail tampering or theft are taken seriously and referred to our dedicated security operations team, who will investigate matters and work closely with police forces around the country," he said.

Australia Post stated only the sender of the mail can claim compensation and encouraged customers sending highly-valued goods to take out insurance.

Originally published as Australia Post losing man's marijuana packages