The Australian flag.
The Australian flag.

Australians must unite to learn from the past

THERE'S no need to fly the Australian flag at half mast on Australia Day.

There's no need to change the date of Australia's national day.

However, we do have to be honest about our past and present treatment of our first nations people.

We need to teach that history in our schools.

We should all use Australia Day to recognise how fortunate we are as a nation, recognise our achievements and strive to do better in the future than we have in the past.

We need to work together to improve Aboriginal health, welfare and education.

We need to preserve Aboriginal culture and language.

We need to work together with all our migrants, particularly our newest Australians, our African intake to respect each other and make all newcomers feel welcome.

We need to unite as one nation, respectful of our ancestors and of our differences.