Man raped stepdaughter and sent her lurid text messages.
Man raped stepdaughter and sent her lurid text messages.

‘Awful thing’: stepdad plies girl with rum, rapes her

A MAN who digitally raped his former stepdaughter twice and sent her lurid text messages will spend 11 months behind bars after being sentenced in the Beenleigh District Court today.

The 40-year-old man, who lived at North Maclean at the time of the 2018 offences and now lives in the Maryborough region with a new partner who is supporting him through the charges, cannot be named for legal reasons.

The court heard the man lived with his now ex-wife and six children, three of which were his stepchildren.

In the first half of 2018, when he was 38, the man digitally raped his 15-year-old stepdaughter by the downstairs fireplace while her mother was working and her brothers were upstairs watching television.

The man began pouring the girl glasses of rum, which Judge Craig Chowdhury said had a "clear sinister aspect", before he began kissing the girl and telling her he "wanted to put his penis in her vagina but didn't have a condom".

Later, on July 4, the family were all drinking at home when the man took his stepdaughter to the bottle shop, stopping on the way back on a deserted hill to kiss her while playing music.

When they returned home he sent her a series of "appalling" messages, Judge Chowdhury told the court: "Doesn't that song explain something we have (together)" and "I want to f*** you", followed by a love heart emoji.

When she went into the backyard briefly, the man followed her, touched her breasts and digitally raped her again.

After she went back upstairs, the man threw a condom into her bedroom.

She texted a friend screenshots of the messages her stepfather was sending her.

That friend's mother informed the police, and the man was arrested on July 5, spending six months in custody until he was bailed on January 9 last year.

Defence counsel Chris Minnery told the court that at the time his client was drinking up to 20 alcoholic drinks per day and had since turned his life around.

Judge Chowdhury said it was an "awful thing" the man did and sentenced him to a further five months behind bars in addition to the six he already served.

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