Matt and Chelsie copped a grilling on HYBPA.
Matt and Chelsie copped a grilling on HYBPA.

Bach couple squirm through HYBPA jokes

Matt and Chelsie were forced to laugh awkwardly as the panellists on Have You Been Paying Attention? cracked several gags about Bachelor runner-up Abbie.

After declaring their love for one another in last week's finale, Matt and Chelsie appeared on the popular Channel 10 comedy program last night as guest quiz masters.

It didn't take long for the panellists to land their first jab, with comedian Celia Pacquola quickly bringing up Matt's memorable makeout session with Abbie in the penultimate episode.

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Matt dumped Abbie not long after this pash.
Matt dumped Abbie not long after this pash.


"At what point in the series, Matt, did you think Chelsie was the one?" host Tom Gleisner asked The Bachelor star.

"Certainly popping the oxytocin tattoo on my chest made an impression," he replied.

"Was that before or after that beach thing that we saw?" asked Pacquola.

As the studio audience howled with laughter, panellists Ed Kavalee sarcastically said, "Excuse me, Matt has a very simply and believable explanation for dry humping a woman the day before he picked someone else."

When the laughs subsided, Sam Pang asked Chelsie why she fell in love with Matt, with her answer confusing some of the panellists.

"I guess when I first saw him on the red carpet I found that he was a boy version of me," Chelsie said.

"What does that mean?" Kavalee asked.

"We have a lot in common, I guess," she replied.


Matt and Chelsie with Glenn Robbins, Ed Kavalee, Celia Pacquola, Geraldine Hickey and Sam Pang.
Matt and Chelsie with Glenn Robbins, Ed Kavalee, Celia Pacquola, Geraldine Hickey and Sam Pang.


The jokes didn't let up when the couple started asking their quiz questions, one of which was what was written on the necklace that Matt gave to Chelsie.

Kavalee buzzed in first and guessed, "Abbie?"

For another question, Matt asked: "For The Bachelor finale, I took Abbie and Chelsie somewhere special. Where did I take them?"

Kavalee correctly answered "South Africa" before Pang chimed in with, "You took Abbie as well? You took Abbie to South Africa to dump her? Why didn't you just take her to Nando's like Ed (Kavalee) does? Unbelievable."

But arguably the most brutal joke came towards the end of the segment, when Matt asked, "On Thursday I said goodbye to Abbie. What were her final words to me?"

Pacquola buzzed in and guessed, "I'm pregnant", an answer that had the audience in stitches. She followed up with, "She said, 'As long as you're happy, that's the most important thing', which is bulls**t. It sounds lovely but then I watched it and it was quite angry."

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Abbie getting dumped.
Abbie getting dumped.


Abbie was certainly pretty upset when she fronted up for TV and radio interviews the morning after the nation watched her brutal dumping in South Africa.

She broke down in tears on Studio 10, KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O and was also reportedly crying in the stairwell at Nova in Sydney after catching a glimpse of Matt and Chelsie being interviewed by Fitzy and Wippa right behind her.

Have You Been Paying Attention? continues next Monday at 8.30pm on Channel 10