Hervey Bay plumber Mitch Gould is in this season of the Bachelorette
Hervey Bay plumber Mitch Gould is in this season of the Bachelorette

BACH MUM: 'I just don't want him to come across as a twit'

SHE admits she might be biased but that won't stop Kim Rayner boasting about her son.

Preparing to watch last night's Bachelorette premiere she described Mitch Gould as handsome and loyal man with a beautiful heart, who is great with kids.

The 31-year-old Hervey Bay plumber by day and pub worker by night scored a rose in last night's episode as Angie Kent's love quest officially started.

While he didn't feature too heavily in the episode he had better luck than fellow suitor, Noosa Councillor Jess Glasgow.

After awkwardly carrying a 'throne' for Angie to sit on, Cr Glasgow gave her the key to his apartment.

The gesture, and a quip about Angie having to 'work' for his address, missed the mark.

"This is not just a ploy to be the mayor of Noosa? You are serious about love?," she asked.

Footage from tonight's episode tips more trouble for the local pollie, who is shown copping a spray from a clearly agitated Angie who declares "If a man can't accept and respect what I am putting down I'd rather be single for the rest of my life".

It is the type of drama Mrs Rayner hopes her son will avoid.

"I just don't want him to come across as a twit," she said

"I want the real Mitch to be shown."

The Hervey Bay mum told the Chronicle Mitch's family had been eagerly awaiting the premiere.

"We all have a private Facebook group set up so we can talk about the show," she said.

Mrs Rayner said she was surprised when Mitch told her he had applied for the show.

"I never thought he would do something like this," she said. And when asked if she had any fear stardom might change her loved son there was no concern.

"He will have no problem keeping his feet on the ground," she said.

"His mates will make sure he doesn't get a big head."

Mitch was once one of the youngest fleet commanders in the navy.

In his biography for the Bachelorette website, Mitch described himself as a down-to-earth, cheeky, fun bloke.

He said he wasn't worried about having to muscle his way through the competition if it meant getting more time with Angie.

Mitch was also asked what kind of animal he would be if he could choose.

He said he would be an eagle. "They aren't restricted by land or sea," Mitch said.

"I just love watching them glide through the sky."

He said he was thrilled Angie was the Bachelorette as he had watched her on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and thought she was cute and "a lot of fun".

In a first for the show, Angie's younger brother Brad was also in attendance, posing as Mark, to give her an inside report from the first cocktail party.

"He was in the limo with me when we were riding to the red carpet," Mr Sellars said.

"I didn't know who he was, but I was quite happy because I didn't say anything that could get me in trouble. We had a good old chat, but I think some of the other boys were worried."

In another first, Angie had the power to give out a yellow 24-hour rose to someone she wanted to spend extended time with on the first single date.

She chose "nice guy" Carlin, who got her brother's seal of approval as one of his top picks.

The Bachelorette continues tonight at 7.30pm on Ten/WIN.