The scene where five chickens were ripped from their cage and killed by two dogs in Wondunna.
The scene where five chickens were ripped from their cage and killed by two dogs in Wondunna. Valerie Horton

Backyard slaughter

ROAMING dogs left nothing alive when they went on a vicious rampage in the backyard of a suburban home.

Family pets of 15 years were amongst the animals slaughtered as the dogs savaged anything that moved.

The Horton family of Wondunna made the gruesome discovery when they went out to investigate barking dogs in the early hours of yesterday morning.

It's thought their pet chihuahua Huey was dragged from its kennel and killed while trying to protect the yard.

"He's always defending this place, he is blind and he is going deaf," long-time owner Lynley Horton said.

Their tortoiseshell coloured cat named Beeps was also mauled to death, as were the family's five hens - Capa, Mocha, Coffee, Nesi and Choco.

An understandably upset owner Ms Horton said her eldest child was first to notice the attack and alerted her husband.

"Both of the dogs had a collar apparently," Ms Horton said.

"My husband said once they get the scent of blood they will come back again. We are just lucky, if our son would have gone out, what if he was bitten?"

The only survivor from Monday morning's attack was the Horton's foxy Saphira.

Fraser Coast Regional Council spokesman Mr Andy Gaze confirmed a husky and husky cross were impounded following a dog attack in Wondunna early yesterday.

"Council is now reviewing the evidence to determine what action it will take," Mr Gaze said.

"That could include issuing a fine... and declaring the dogs as dangerous."

He said once a dog's declared dangerous under the Animal Management Act 2008 the owners must have the animal desexed; ensure that the yard, or an enclosure, is suitably fenced to stop the dog wandering; put up warning signs on the fence; if the dog is taken outside of the yard it must be muzzled and on a leash.