Bai Rui Taekwon-Do students compete in national tournament

BAI Rui Taekwon-Do Hervey Bay had a huge month, probably the busiest so far.

We had the national Bai Rui Taekwon-Do tournament in Brisbane on November 4 and 5, the Hervey Bay students tested mid-November and to top it off the Bai Rui Summer Camp in Currimundi.

Our students performed well at the tournament, bringing home medals in sparring, special techniques and patterns.


Bai Rui Taekwon-Do Summer Camp was a huge success with everyone working incredibly hard.

Saturday morning started with a 6am warm up and fitness tests before continuing on to pattern work and free sparring with Master Byrne.


Day two consisted of our beach training followed by drills with Master Byrne, Dineeth Liyanagama and Nikki Amie-Fong.

To top it all off the annual Bai Rui Taekwon-Do Awards were held.

We were awarded with the Charles Birch Award for loyalty, perseverance, integrity and enterprise.

Mr Whitley and myself were humbled and honoured and wish to thank to our students and their families.

In the midst of all this Bai Rui Taekwon-Do Hervey Bay moved to the River Heads Community Hall, 45 Ariadne St, where we now train every Tuesday and Thursday.

Our first session starts at 4pm and our second session at 5.30pm.

We will continue to focus on learning new promotional patterns, more kicks, more self-defence and more sparring.

Classes will continue for a little while longer into December before stopping for the summer break on Thursday, December 21, returning on Tuesday, January 23 2018.

As we are currently at capacity, please know there is a waiting list in place for new students to join.

Phone 0435 874 069.