Domestic violence offender held in custody.
Domestic violence offender held in custody.

Bail denied for man who kept his partner imprisoned for days

A MAN with a shocking history of violence against his partner was yesterday denied bail. 

Police arrested the man, whose name has been withheld to protect his victim, about 7.30pm on Sunday.

He appeared in the Toowoomba Magistrates yesterday where a police prosecutor opposed his bail.

He is charged with one count of contravening a domestic violence order and incorrectly disposing of a syringe.

The court heard police found the man in a car with his former partner in contravention to a domestic violence protection order that prohibited contact between the pair.

The police prosecutor said the 40-year-old man was serving several suspended jail sentences for violence he had perpetrated on the woman.

"On the last occasion, when he received a head sentence of eight months, wholly suspended for 18, that matter involved him basically keeping the aggrieved party hostage in a room for four days," she said.

"He only allowed her to leave the bedroom to make him food or to go to the bathroom.

"There was also physical violence against her."

The court heard the man's criminal history included 16 breaches of bail and nine domestic violence prevention order breaches in the past five years.

Despite having legal representation, the man frequently interrupted Magistrate Kay Ryan, much to her frustration.

Ms Ryan refused the man's bail application, after noting his history of DV breaches and a likely jail term when his matters were finalised.

The man will be held in custody until October 19, when he is due in the Charleville Magistrates Court.

Originally published as Bail denied for man who kept his partner imprisoned for days