A Redbank Plains man was arrested for kidnapping one man and setting fire to another man's car. (File)
A Redbank Plains man was arrested for kidnapping one man and setting fire to another man's car. (File) Shah Rukh Khan

Balaclava bashing after saying 'No' to drugs

BALACLAVA-clad thugs went to a man's neighbourhood and kidnapped him after he refused to buy drugs.

A court on Thursday heard Shayne Henry Mitchell tried to convince a man to buy ice in August 2016.

The conversation went badly, and Mitchell and associates later crept up to the Bundamba man's house.

Mitchell, 32, persuaded the man to come to a parked car.

As the man approached he saw people wearing balaclavas inside the car.

He ran. But Mitchell chased him.

Brisbane District Court heard the victim fell and was kicked, bashed and knocked out.

When the man came to, he was in the car with his tormentors around him.

Prosecutors said the man was then bound and gagged.

He was found wandering the Ipswich streets some six hours later.

Mitchell pleaded guilty to crimes including kidnapping, stealing and arson.

He stole a car from a different victim he bashed about 4 o'clock one morning.

Judge Brian Devereaux said the experience was "very violent and probably terrifying" for the car owner.

Mitchell also dragged his then girlfriend Mahayla Louise Ziebarth into the offending.

She took her car, met Mitchell, and both drove to a spot where the stolen car was torched.

CCTV showed a person torching one car, then Ziebarth's car leaving the scene.

Ziebarth, 25, had no prior criminal history but pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to arson.

Judge Devereaux accepted Ziebarth was a hard working woman and "did not know there was about to be an arson".

She got immediate probation, and no conviction was recorded.

Mitchell had already spent 550 days in custody.

Defence counsel Bruce Mumford said Mitchell, a father, had at times led "a productive life" and been employed.

But Mitchell also had psychotic episodes, including drug-induced psychosis.

Mitchell got eight years' jail.

With the 550 days accounted for, he's eligible for parole on July 21, 2019.

Working hard, avoiding drugs and taking medication would reduce his re-offending risk, Judge Devereaux said.

"You are not without hope of rehabilitation. The hope is that you will then start to lead a good life". -NewsRegional