Neglected puppies discovered by Off The Chain.
Neglected puppies discovered by Off The Chain. Off The Chain

'Bald, infected': Neglect of puppies shocks dog rescuer

AN EXPERIENCED Toowoomba animal rescuer has been left shocked at the level of neglect experienced by three puppies she picked up.

Jess Otto, founder of Off The Chain K9 Rescue picked up the dogs while driving to Brisbane to save another dog from death row on Friday.

Posting on her Facebook, Ms Otto said the person who contacted her about the puppies didn't quite prepare her and her colleague Nikki Esplin for the state of the dogs, named Xena, Hercules and Archilles.

"We were told they had fleas and were heat struck... slight understatement," she wrote.

"When I got there I immediately started gagging and panicking at the smell and sadness. They're bald and raw, sticky with infection, and crying almost non stop.

"One was so still and splayed out that I actually thought it was already dead.

"We couldn't get a very straight answer from the people surrendering and it was obvious the puppies were in serious risk of perishing so we just grabbed and ran.

"We flew back to Toowoomba and straight to the vet and they're being seen as I write this."

Neglected puppies: Neglected puppies discovered by Off The Chain.
Neglected puppies: Neglected puppies discovered by Off The Chain.

Thankfully after generous donations from the general public and the help from foster carers, Ms Otto reported last night that Xena, Hercules and Archilles were on the mend.

"The little champs are eating up a storm, and their various injections and medications are already kicking in," she wrote.

"Their itching is slowly easing, though they still have trouble sleeping through it. The bleeding from open wounds has stopped, and they don't smell as rotten.

"Their swollen infected eyes have begun healing, and they're visibly more relaxed.

"We cannot express our gratitude to our supporters enough. Thank you for the loving messages, comments and emails."

Off The Chain is now one of the region's biggest rescuers and re-homers of animals in the Toowoomba region.

For more information on how to donate, send an email to or head to the Facebook page.