SHOW TIME: Lilly Strack aka Alice and dance teacher Cleone McRoberts at rehearsals for the Cleone McRoberts Academy of Dance annual production at the Brolga Theatre.
SHOW TIME: Lilly Strack aka Alice and dance teacher Cleone McRoberts at rehearsals for the Cleone McRoberts Academy of Dance annual production at the Brolga Theatre. contributed

Ballet Academy dancers to bring wonderland to life

A MAGICAL dance production partly inspired by Alice in Wonderland will be presented by the acclaimed Cleone McRoberts Academy of Dance at the Brolga Theatre on Saturday, November 25.

Lillian Strack will dance the lead role in the production titled We're All Mad Here, featuring a cast of colourful characters and stunning sets.

Lillian, who recently gained world recognised teaching qualifications after studying with the London-based Royal Academy of Dance, has also helped with choreography and teaching for the production.

"The show goes on a journey through a crazy world filled with many magical characters, both energetic and happy creatures to dark and more mysterious," said Lilly, who completed her RAD studies while studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) at QUT in Brisbane. This is possibly one of the best concerts yet by this wonderful academy, and will showcase the wide repertoire of the academy's talented dancers, from jazz, tap, hip hop and contemporary to classical ballet."

It has been a busy three years for Lillian, who was initially considering a career as a physiotherapist after graduating from St Mary's College in 2014.

"Cleone McRoberts has been a huge influence and inspiration in my decision to continue a life of dance," said Lillian, who was six when she started with the renowned teacher who has spent almost 45 years teaching generations of young Fraser Coast dancers.

"Dance has always been a big part of my life growing up and I can't believe that I hadn't considered it as a career until I spent my gap year after school teaching a variety of classes with Cleone," she said.

"She has always pushed me to strive for my best and has helped me to achieve many things which at one stage of my life would not even seem possible.

"Cleone encouraged me and other students to help the younger students as well as asking me to teach classes and choreograph routines, and I quickly found that I loved being able to teach students of all ages as I was able to share my passion with others."

She said the past two years had helped expand her horizons of what a career in dance offered, and had given her knowledge and ability in a range of dance styles including contemporary, ballet, Hip hop and Latin dance styles.

"My university studies have developed my choreographic ability and teaching techniques, while the Royal Academy of Dance course has increased my understanding and knowledge of classical ballet and how to successfully teach the genre."

Miss McRoberts said she was proud of Lillian's achievements and her growth as a dancer and teacher in the past three years.

She was also pleased with the results received by young academy dancers in recent Royal Academy of Dance exams.

The results were: Intermediate: Caitlin McKay (D), Omega Hard (M), Andie Griffin (M) and Caitlin Jarred (M). Intermediate Foundation: Emily Jared (M), Ava Paton (P). Grade 5: Alexandrea Rossiter (D), Chelsea Campbell (D), Grace Riley (D). Grade 4: Evangeline Tevant (D), Chloe Hodges (D), Ava McDonald (M), Laura Davies (M), Grace Lawson (M). Grade 1: Gracey Board (D), Maya Hayman (D), Cleo Wright (D), Amira Christoffel (D), Elana Hyne (M), Megan Jarred (M), Felicity Burrell (M).


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Tickets for the 2pm and 7pm performances of the Cleone McRoberts Academy of Dance annual production are available from the Brolga Theatre at or phone 4122 6060.