Barnaby Joyce appeared on the ABC’s 730 program.
Barnaby Joyce appeared on the ABC’s 730 program.

Barnaby’s awkward baby joke

BARNABY Joyce has attempted an awkward joke after being posed a question surrounding the birth of his child with a former staffer.

Appearing on ABC's 730 program in an attempt to spruik the idea of keeping the problem-plagued Liddell power station open, even though it was purchased by foreign owners including the Chinese, host Leigh Sales asked the question that was really on Australia's lips:

"Quickly, before you go, it was reported your baby was due in April. Has he arrived yet?"

In an attempt to be funny, Mr Joyce appeared to look under his desk, off camera, as if looking for the child.

"No," he replied with a grin.


Mr Joyce has been facing tough criticism after news broke of his relationship with former staffer Vikki Campion.

Despite digging in his heels at the time, when sexual harassment allegations surfaced he stood down as deputy prime minister and leader of the Nationals Party.

Mr Joyce was forced to defend his relationship with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yet again but made a pointed statement before diplomacy kicked in.

Despite saying the Coalition would definitely lose the next popularity poll, he continued to back Mr Turnbull telling Sales, "I'm absolutely certain Malcolm can do it".

"Look, I get along with Malcolm. There's not an issue with Malcolm. This is an issue for me to try and represent our people, my people and that's exactly what I'm doing here."

Mr Joyce had previously launched an extraordinary attack on Mr Turnbull during a press conference in February, describing Mr Turnbull as "inept and "hurtful".

The growing hostility between the pair had been dubbed "an uncivil war".