The logo for Wide Bay Buccaneers, Football Queensland Wide Bay's proposed Queensland Premier League team.
The logo for Wide Bay Buccaneers, Football Queensland Wide Bay's proposed Queensland Premier League team. Contributed

BAY ALL ABOARD: New state team to be called the Buccaneers

FOOTBALL: Bundaberg will play a major role in the new Wide Bay state team after fresh details emerged of the side at a meeting on Tuesday night.

Earlier this month it was announced that Football Wide Bay won a licence from Football Queensland in the newly formed Queensland Premier League competition.

Now, after meeting in Maryborough, it can be revealed that the new side is called the Wide Bay Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers was chosen ahead of the Wanderers and United to create a new identity and loyalty towards the side.

It was also announced that Maryborough and Bundaberg will host the sides matches in a 50/50 split of home games with Martens Oval chosen.

The new side will also train and have squads based in Maryborough, Bundaberg and separate hubs not yet announced to accommodate the best players.

All details though could change with nothing finalised just yet.

The meeting also revealed Football Wide Bay would now be called Football Queensland Wide Bay.

FQWB president Stuart Taylor said there had been a positive response to the new name.

He added it was now important to create a community based club Wide Bay would embrace and believed moniker can create that.

In the first season the side will field sides in senior men, U20, U16, U14 and U13 with a plan to increase to seven team by 2020.

Football Bundaberg president Femia Eizema said it was a good move for the Rum City.

"It's fantastic, we were ecstatic when we found out Martens Oval would host," she said.

"The job for us now is to ensure the grounds can keep up to a standard to host for the whole season."

The association said it had already put in grants to improve the grandstand and fencing at the ground.

"There are repairs that need to be done but we are confident Bundaberg can host and look after the side," Eizema said.

"It's great a lot of players can be recognised for their talent by the new side.

"It's very exciting for the region."

More details on how people can get involved will be announced soon.