Snr Cnst Bob Groves retiring from the police force.
Snr Cnst Bob Groves retiring from the police force. Alistair Brightman

Bay cop to retire after lifelong career in police force

LOOKING at a photo of himself as a fresh faced 15-year-old entering the police force, Senior Constable Bob Groves says: "I can't believe they let that guy be a cop.”

The next four decades would be dedicated to helping keep his community safe.

After a lifelong career in the police force, Snr Const Groves will work his final shift next week before entering retirement.

The grandfather's latest stint has been 35 years in Hervey Bay.

When asked about his first ever job as a cop, he hesitates.

A lady at a dress shop was annoyed at finding semen on her frocks.

Not long after, Snr Const Groves found himself chasing criminals who had escaped from prison.

A lot has changed over the years, he says, particularly the community's relationship with police.

He recalls people being a lot more "frightened” in the earlier days.

"When you would arrive, they would be trying to escape through the house windows,” Snr Const Groves said.

"Now they walk right into your car.”

When he moved to Hervey Bay, the town's population was about 5000 But staff numbers grew along with the population.

Snr Const Groves is grateful that in all his years on the beat he never had to fire his gun nor was he seriously assaulted.

"I've never been injured at work, but my motorbike has nearly killed me three times,” he said.

For Snr Const Groves, retirement will kick-off with a few cruises and trips to see friends living in different parts of Australia.

And, a lot more time on that motorbike.