Hervey Bay Mac Users Group members know their Apples

SENIOR Matters has proven to be a wonderful success in the past two years in promoting myriad community groups on the Fraser Coast.

During the next few weeks, I will showcase some of the groups that have been featured.

This week's profile is on the Hervey Bay Mac Users Group, with leader Ken Hoyle.

What does your group/organisation do and what can you offer new members?

We are Mac users helping Mac users. That's what Apple User Groups is about.

At our meetings, people will find helpful, friendly and knowledgeable Macintosh experts - people who enjoy sharing their experience.

We teach people how to setup and use their Mac computers.

We show them how to use the Apple and other software, how to connect to the internet, surf the web and send and receive email.

We also teach basic troubleshooting and updating techniques.

We help them switch from Windows computers.

Has your membership increased due to Senior Matters articles?

From what I hear they've made a huge difference to some groups.

And yes, I have had many phone calls from people who have read about us in the Senior Matters section.

Our numbers at 60 & Better have increased over the past year to about 50 and we regularly see 25 or more at meetings.

We are very happy with our mentions in Senior Matters each month.

Is there anything you would particularly like to say to encourage new members?

We are a social group who also love Mac computers and want to learn more about them and what they can do.

We enjoy chatting and sharing other members' experiences and help.

Many residents of Hervey Bay are unaware of our group as we can't afford paid advertising.

We are the only practical source of help and assistance with Apple Mac computers.

When do you start up again in 2014?

Our first meeting is on Tuesday, February 4 at 1pm in Dan Dinna House, Boat Harbour Dve, Torquay and we welcome new members.

Who should people contact for more information?

People can contact me on 4125 4716, mobile 0417 319 758 or email: info@hbmug.com.

They can also go to our home page at www.hbmug. com.