Espie Tidcombe, Kimberley Tidcombe, Prue Singh holding baby Mia Tidcombe and partner John Tidcombe.
Espie Tidcombe, Kimberley Tidcombe, Prue Singh holding baby Mia Tidcombe and partner John Tidcombe. Lisa Maree Carter Photography

'I wasn't being heard': Bay mum's cancer battle revealed

AT A time when she should have been bonding with her newborn baby and delighting in the joys of motherhood, Prue Singh felt like she was about to die.

Her body was racked with flu-like symptoms, constant exhaustion and a husky cough.

Even breastfeeding her baby daughter, Mia, felt like an impossible task.

In spite of all this she struggled to find a doctor who would take her seriously.

Ms Singh saw two doctors who sent her home with antibiotics and instructions to rest and be on the look-out for post-natal depression.

Weeks passed, and her condition deteriorated to the point where she called her partner's mother and told her she seriously feared for her life.

Together they went to a third doctor, desperate for answers.

After listening to her cough, the doctor ordered an urgent chest x-ray and blood tests.

More tests and a visit to St Stephen's emergency room finally lead to a shock diagnosis.

Just eight weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Ms Singh was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

"I was quite hysterical and confused," Ms Singh said.

"That night they put me on a flight with the Royal Flying Doctors down to Brisbane.

"For three weeks I had things like a biopsy, medical treatment, seeing a haematologist."

Ms Singh is so sick most days, the family of three had to move in with her partner's mother.

She also has to travel to Brisbane for treatment every 21 days with her partner, John Tidcombe.

To help ease financial pressure, a morning tea fundraiser was organised and hosted by Dan and Steph Mulheron at their cafe EAT at Dan & Steph's.

Tea for Prue raised more than $3000 for the young family.

Together with financial support from local charity Rally for a Cause, Ms Singh said the family was overwhelmed by the community's support and generosity.

She did, however, want to offer advice for others who may feel let down by the medical system.

"In my heart I knew I was very physically ill, but I felt I wasn't being heard," she said.

"It was really crushing for me to not be heard and then find out I actually had a very intense illness in the end."