Bay Power the 'lucky club'? No, they just play the game

AUSSIE RULES: Bay Power Michael Gay has paid no attention to the suggestion his side may be the luckiest in the AFL Wide Bay.

An analysis of this season's draw and the results from the 15 rounds showed the Power will play the least number of games against teams currently ranked in the top four.

How the AFL Wide Bay draw affected your team

Bay Power has faced its fellow top four teams - Hervey Bay Bombers, Across The Waves and Gympie - just eight times, winning five.

They face teams in the top four just 10 times in the 18-round season, the fewest of any club.

How many times your team faced a top four rival

Team Games v Top Four at Rd 15 Games v Top Four teams Total
Bay Power (1st) 8 (won five) 10
Gympie Cats (3rd)  8 (won four) 11
Hervey Bay Bombers (2nd) 10 (won seven) 11
Across The Waves (4th) 10 (won two) 12
Brothers Bulldogs (5th) 12 (won three) 14
Maryborough Bears (6th)  12 (no wins) 14

Gay, who is into his fourth season as Bay Power's coach didn't give those numbers any attention.

"We have no control over that, we're just playing what's in front of us," Gay said.

"As far as pouring any energy into that, there's nothing."

Instead, his focus is on the win-loss columns and his team's place on the table.

The Power remained equal first despite suffering its fourth loss of the season last week, but slipped to second due to Hervey Bay Bombers' superior points differential.

The Urangan club is in the midst of its most successful season. It's 11-4 record equates to a win percentage of 73.33%, better than the 2017 QFA Wide Bay Sunshine Coast season when it went 9-4-1 in its 14-game season (64.29%).

Bay Power hosts third-placed Gympie under lights at Keith Dunne Oval on Saturday.

First bounce at 5.30pm.