Trevor Veale

Be prepared for all weather events this storm season

SHOULD I evacuate, or should I stay?

That's a big question and one that you should be talking about now.

If a cyclone is heading towards the Fraser Coast you need to decide quickly if you want to stay in your home, move to friends or family on higher ground or leave.

If you feel unsafe, especially if you live in an area that could be affected by a storm surge or be cut off by flood waters, then you should make the decision to move early.

Please be aware the Fraser Coast does not have certified cyclone shelters and you are responsible for your safety and the safety of your family.

Deciding to go early has many benefits.

If there is plenty of time you can hitch up your caravan or boat and take your time as you head to your new destination.

If you leave it too long, and an evacuation is ordered you may not be allowed to tow caravans or boats as they will slow the traffic trying to leave the area.

Now, in the storm and cyclone season, is a good time to check over your caravan and trailers to make sure they are mechanically sound; that lights are working; that bearings do not need replacing; the car is serviced and ready to go.

Community resilience portfolio Councillor Rolf Light gives advice to help keep people safe.