Toogoom resident Martin Cooper says the erosion issue has reached a critical point.
Toogoom resident Martin Cooper says the erosion issue has reached a critical point. Valerie Horton

Toogoom beach homes to face storm ruin next time

ONE more severe storm and a number of people living on the Toogoom foreshore are at risk of the ocean claiming part of their homes.

The seaside community of Toogoom was not spared the wrath of ex-cyclone Oswald.

The owners of Goodies on the Beach were forced to watch while the jetty which fronts their business wobbled and swayed about in rough seas as the earth beneath it was washed away.

On Tuesday, the jetty was still unable to be used and there are fears its integrity has been compromised.

A couple of hundred metres up the beach, there are grave concerns for a number of foreshore properties which are metres away from being claimed by erosion.

Kingfisher Pde resident Martin Cooper said the issue had been ongoing and claimed it had now reached a critical point.

"It's like being on death row," he said.

"We just have to sit here and watch it slowly happen."

Mr Cooper said the owners of 18 homes who were in the most danger had been told some time ago it would cost them $150,000 each to put protection measures in place.

Paul Stanaway, who also lives on Kingfisher Pde, said he believed the council had allowed for people to build there and therefore was responsible for protecting the land of residents.

"We've lost about 30m since we moved here five years ago," he said.

"In one day and one night on the weekend we lost about 10m."

But Mr Cooper said red tape was to blame with the area outside of property boundaries part of an environmental protection zone.

In September, the Fraser Coast Regional Council signed off on its Shoreline Erosion Protection Structures - Contribution and Costs Recovery Policy.

The policy recommends residents foot the bill for protection walls and it would provide technical support and facilitate coastal works.

A council spokesman said property owners should consider sandbagging their frontages for immediate protection.