UPDATE: THE crowd of more than a dozen people waiting outside the Beach House Hotel, 20 minutes prior to its reopening, tripled by the time the doors parted at 10am. 

Dave, a loyal patron of the Beach House, waited from 9.30am to drink his favourite beer, Victoria Bitter.

"I've been waiting for 383 days for the pub to be open but who's counting," he said.

"I used to visit the place everyday and I will do the same now. It's a place I love coming to."

Among the first to be served the first beer was Michael McCarthy who lives near the Beach House.

"I love what they've done to the place," he said.

"I love the benchtops. I'll have many enjoyable beers on it because they are beautiful.

"I'm not here everyday like Dave here but I come here regularly.

"The place is within walking distance.

"No one really told me about it though.

"I only knew it was opening today from the Chronicle."

The 63-year-old who was among the first to be served said he loved the smoking areas.

"I like it because it doesn't make you feel like a leper," he said.

"We don't feel isolated because look at the place and look what we're looking at, the beach!

"It also gives us somewhere to go.

"I haven't seen the whole place yet.

"It's a lot to take it and it's huge too so I'll have a walk around later."

Another loyal patron who only wants to be known as Bullbarr said the Beach House was where he always had a drink before it closed for renovation.

"This is one of my favourite pubs," he said.

"It looks great, beers are nice and cold, that's the main thing.

""I'm really impressed with what they've done with the place."

Murray Fernince who is known by many at the pub as 'honest Murray' walked in and headed straight to the bar to get his XXXX.

Honest Murray said he was the first customer served after waiting outside for just two minutes.

"I see a couple of people that I used to hang out with before it was closed and I'm very impressed with this place and I will come back here everyday," he said.

Beach House Hotel general manager, Gary Gilbert is relieved the place is finally open to the public.

"We were still in here until 11 last night putting menus together of all things!" he said.

"Everything else was alright though.

"I'm very happy that it's open.

"I've never actually had to go and open the doors and stand in front of a stampede before, so it's an experience."

Mr Gilbert said many of the old timers were back and there were many visitors who had walked in to have a look at the place.

"I think we will have a really packed place by the end of the day so I'm not sure what time I'll get out of here tonight," he said.

The Beach House Hotel is open everyday from 10am to midnight.

EARLIER: After playing the waiting game for months, manager Gary Gilbert is reopening the Beach House Hotel on Thursday at 10am.

"I'm actually going to open this place," Mr Gilbert said.

"The paperwork is completed.

"The fire brigade and the building certifier are happy with everything, so it's a go.

"We are going to have a very busy day.

"We are doing all the checks and everything is looking good so far."

The hotel will not only attract local residents but the thousands of tourists that visit Hervey Bay annually.

"The hotel should be very good for tourism. We built a fairly nice building to a standard of what we think people will like and tourists will be able to come here and relax and enjoy themselves fairly well," Mr Gilbert said.


With people calling in and making bookings already before the opening day, Mr Gilbert said it was going to be a busy year for the staff.

"We have got quite a few bookings already. The first function day booking is on August 16," he said.

"We've been getting a good response from everyone and a lot of people just want to come in and look at it because it has changed quite a bit.

"It's so much bigger with a gaming room, TAB, function area and restaurant."

"It's big and modern and looks great."

The Beach House which had 15 staff before the renovation now has almost tripled the number of people employed.

"We have 42 staff in total and we will still be employing more," Mr Gilbert said.

"We never say no to people. If someone comes in and brings their resume, we'll always have a look at it."

The Beach House Hotel will be open seven days a week from 10am till midnight with a big party to be held at the park opposite the hotel on August 30.

The finishing touches were put on the Beach House Hotel at Scarness on Wednesday, the day before its reopening.
The finishing touches were put on the Beach House Hotel at Scarness on Wednesday, the day before its reopening. Tracey Joynson