INTRODUCING the new mayor of Ipswich… Beau Ryan.

OK, maybe in 2020.

But when The Footy Show star put on the mayoral robes of Paul Pisasale yesterday he certainly looked the part.

In town for a two-day visit to film for tonight's show on Channel Nine, Ryan paid a visit to Cr Pisasale in his office along with former NRL star Chris Walker.

Both Ryan and Walker put on mayoral robes with The Footy Show funny man taking calls at the mayoral desk.

One of those calls was from Ipswich councillor Andrew Antoniolli on a planning issue.

Ryan took the call and announced he was rezoning land near the river down in the CBD and would knock down the council chambers, build a higher structure and use Walker Brothers Earthworks for the heavy duty work.

There were laughs all round and it set the scene for a fun day for Ryan who filmed vox pops and met the people of Ipswich on the street.

Ryan said he loved coming to Ipswich.

The Footy Show host Beau Ryan and Chris Walker visited Mayor Paul Pisasale at his office.
MAYOR BEAU RYAN: The Footy Show funny man Beau Ryan and former NRL star Chris Walker had fun when they visited Mayor Paul Pisasale in his office and donned the mayoral robes. Inga Williams

"I grew up in Albion Park (in Shellharbour), a blue collar area very similar to Ipswich," he said.

"I have been very fortunate to travel the globe with the show and there's nothing better than coming here to the heartland of rugby league in Ipswich.

"The people here love their rugby league and it is very important to me and everybody at the show that we give back to them.

"We'll certainly try and get a show to come to Ipswich."

Ryan also enjoyed meeting Cr Pisasale.

"He's lived up to the hype," he grinned.

"I had been looking forward to meeting Paul ever since I knew we were coming up here. It is no surprise he has stayed in office so long. I'm sure he will be here forever.

"He has a bit of TV talent and I'm sure there will be a statue of him up here shortly if he has his way."

So how did he feel wearing the mayoral robes?

"I feel entitled," Ryan laughed.

Cr Pisasale said the exposure Ipswich would get on tonight's show was priceless.

" I love the way The Footy Show has come here at quite a bit of expense to show what a fun city we are," he said.

"We have given Beau a great experience, but that's easy because he is such a likeable bloke

"We laughed and we joked, and one thing I've always enjoyed as a mayor is having fun and Beau turning up just makes your day.

"He is getting out and about at Riverlink, meeting the people and having fun."

Meanwhile Walker had toyed with running for mayor of the Gold Coast this year, and after wearing the black mayoral robes of Cr Pisasale he announced his intention to have a red hot crack in 2020.

"Paul has given me a bit of advice for my campaign in four years," Walker said.

"With 85% of the vote he's worth listening to."

Cr Pisasale said he endorsed Walker as the heir apparent to Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate.

"I will back him because he's a great bloke," Cr Pisasale said.

"But I think he would make a great mayor because he is a wonderful people person, like all the Walkers."

Cr Pisasale wasn't so sure about Ryan as a future mayor.

"I don't think he'd have the patience to be mayor," Cr Pisasale grinned.

"The minute he decided to rezone land I started to realise that we might be in trouble…and I have been in enough trouble.

"Beau needs to realise that mayors don't rezone land.

"We've got good planners for that, so I think he should stick to The Footy Show."

Cr Antoniolli had a laugh when the QT caught up with him about his chat with Mayor Ryan.

"I thought 'who is this bloke?' and at first I thought it might have been one of Paul's mates having a lend of me," he grinned.

"Then I recognised the voice and realised it was Beau Ryan."

Cr Antoniolli reckoned Ryan would be an action man as mayor after laying his rezoning and rebuilding plans on the table.

"Yeah, I got a bit of a surprise that Mayor Beau Ryan had made a decision to rezone the CBD," he chuckled.

"He's hit the ground running. It's just a matter of whether any damage can be reversed."

*The Footy Show screens tonight on Channel Nine at 8.30pm.