John and Jo Walsh were killed in a motorcycle accident in Coleyville.
John and Jo Walsh were killed in a motorcycle accident in Coleyville.

Club farewells popular member duo

HUNDREDS of bikies have taken to the road to farewell two of their Goodna mates who were tragically killed during a club ride.

Much-loved members of the Lockyer Valley Ulysses Motorcycle Club, John and Jo Walsh, were farewelled at a moving ceremony at the Gold Coast on Friday.

Club president Adrian Pamenter said members of the Mt Lindsay and Gatton branches had also attended the service.

He said the pair, known affectionately by their nicknames of Bear and Gypsy, was much-loved and highly respected in their club circles.

Mr Pamenter said they were some of most wonderful and caring people you could ever meet.

“She was a lovely lady who just enjoyed life,” he said.

“He would give you the shirt off your back.”

Bear, 62, first joined the Lockyer Valley Ulysses Club about three years ago, with his 55-year-old wife joining a little over a year ago.

The couple met through the internet and married two years ago.

Mr Pamenter said life for Bear revolved around Jo.

“The club was his life and so was Jo,” he said.

“He had such a hard life when he was younger – Jo made it her mission to show him there were better things in life.”

He said each of the club's members had their own fond memories of Bear and Gypsy.

“They will be remembered as a pigeon pair,” Mr Pamenter said.

“She was the apple of his eye, he couldn't do enough for her. He always wanted to please her.

“She was just the nicest of people and a real lady.

“Jo was a girlfriend to all the girls in the branch and was just so lovely.”

Wife Amanda agreed.

“She was like a big sister to everyone in the club,” she said.

“She was so loved by her family and members of the Ulysses Club.

“That's what the club is, an extended family of people.”

The couple died after a head-on collision between a truck and their motorcycle on the Rosewood-Warrill View Rd at Coleyville last Sunday.

Members of the Ulysses Club who witnessed the crash have been offered grief counselling.

Mr Pamenter said what had started as a beautiful day had abruptly ended in tragedy.

“There were a lot of other people on the ride and I just think, ‘why Bear?'.” he said.

“Jo told us that morning that if it was raining she wouldn't go, but it was just a sky-blue day.”

He said club members knew in the back of their minds that anytime they climbed on a bike something could go wrong.

“We try and minimise the risk, but the risk was always there,” Mr Pamenter said.

Mrs Pamenter said the couple would be remembered when the club joined others from across south-east Queensland on their yearly memorial ride to Somerset Dam in September.

That's when the lives of members who have “ridden on” are celebrated.