Tiger Beer.
Tiger Beer.

BEER REVIEW: Tiger is twice as nice on ice

I imagine that, like me, most people have times and places for certain brands and styles of beers.

By that I don't mean stout on a cold winter's night and lager in the middle of February, rather we associate certain beers with certain occasions.

For example, Fraser Island camping equals Fourex in my mind, likewise Super Dry 3.5 for a long day at the races and a craft beer with a nice meal in a fancy restaurant. You wouldn't take a carton of Innes and Gunn Scottish Ale to a campdraft, would you?

So it was with some surprise I sat down with Hugh the Neighbour to have a crack at some ice cold bottles of Tiger Beer - something I would only ever think of drinking at an Asian eatery, and then mainly in conjunction with chilli crab - only to find it is a really enjoyable drinking beer. Originally from Singapore and now part of the Heineken empire, Tiger is a beer that rises over many of the other East Asian offering like Bintang and Tsingtao.

It is undeniably a sweet beer in that European lager style but it does offer something more when you drink it with a spicy accompaniment.

You can taste a bit of a malt backbone, and while it lacks any great nose, there is hops there as well.

The serving suggestion on the bottle advises it be put in the glass at about four degrees - HTN had these just about freezing and I reckon they were better for it. It is worth a try next time you are looking for a lager that is not your usual poison of choice.

Makes me wonder if Tsingtao might have more going for it if you separate it from spring rolls, sweet and sour pork and Mongolian lamb.