It's time to warm up your home to get through winter.
It's time to warm up your home to get through winter. iStock

Best ways to warm your home this winter

With winter almost upon us, our attention naturally turns to feathering our nests. Following are some basic suggestions to help you create some warm, stylish spaces in your home both effectively and economically.


Ensure all your windows and doorways are draught-free. For instance, a simple inexpensive door snake can effectively keep cool air from creeping into your home.


It can be extremely expensive heating a large space, so if you find you spend the majority of your time in one corner of your living room, focus on heating that particular space.

Electric heated throws are also an excellent way to heat your personal space - say on the sofa. If you want to spend time on your deck, the latest outdoor heaters are increasingly effective, attractive and affordable.


Either choose soft, cosy flannelette sheets or an electric blanket. In reality, you only need to choose one option. Some people love blankets, but most people now choose the simplicity of a duvet or doona. Choose a quality natural fibre for your quilt or duvet, its cover and sheets.


Bare floors can lose more than 10 per cent of a room's heat. Even if it's only for the winter months, place rugs around your living rooms and bedrooms for a dramatic and instantly warming effect.