A dingo on Fraser Island.
A dingo on Fraser Island. Rowan Schindler

BIG FINE: Domestic dogs smuggled onto Fraser Island

TWO dogs have been discovered after being smuggled illegally onto Fraser Island.

A spokesman from the Fraser Coast Regional Council said a person had been fined $667 for having the two dogs on the World Heritage-listed island.

"Dogs are not allowed on the environmentally-listed island under both Queensland Parks and Wildlife and council regulations," the spokesman said.

"The prohibition covers both permanent residents and visitors to the island.

"Council can confirm that the dogs have been removed from the Island.

"Under Section 5 of Council's Local Law No. 2 and Section 5 of the subordinate Local Laws it is prohibited to keep any dog or cat on Fraser Island."

Visitors with a certified guide, hearing, assistance dog or trainee support dog are permitted to access all public areas of lands managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships.

Certified support dogs must wear an identifying coat or harness and have the approved badge or tag.

The island is considered a high-risk area due to the presence of dingoes and it is recommended that assistance dogs remain inside fenced areas or vehicles at all times.

If a member of the public sees a domestic dog on Fraser Island and reports it to Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships, rangers will investigate immediately if they believe the animal is still on the island.

Rangers take reports of domestic dogs on the island very seriously as this is a threat to the conservation of dingoes on K'gari.

Please contact a ranger regarding assistance dogs and dingo safety prior to your visit via email dingo.ranger@des.qld.gov.au or call 4127 9150.