ROADWORKS: What roads need work on the Fraser Coast?
ROADWORKS: What roads need work on the Fraser Coast?

BIG ISSUES: What Fraser Coast roads need now

Maria Callaghan Division 6

1. Which roads do you believe need urgent attention on the Fraser Coast? Intersection between Maryborough-Hervey Bay Road and Pialba-Burrum Heads Road.

2. What is your plan for getting roads in your division fixed? As getting roads fixed is not a one-man job, I will have to consult with community members in my division as well as work collaboratively with council, state government and Department of Transport & Main Roads.

3. How do you propose the council should work with other levels of government on the issue of roads? Council must work in collaborative partnership with state and federal governments and its representatives e.g. Department of Transport & Main Roads.

Lee Carter Division 7

1. I don't believe that there are any particular roads that need urgent attention in the Fraser Coast area,

If there were, then this would be a matter of public discussion and interactions between the public, the council and Main Roads. My particular opinion on a needed road work would be by way of input to this process, not as a councillor.

Secondly, my plan for getting roads in my division fixed, would be by supporting the Council employed Road Maintenance Crews, and the Council management that supports these crews with responsible and timely management plans, based on public needs.

Thirdly, there needs to be much greater public accountability, transparency, and input into Council local roads, and state government main roads, construction and maintenance.

Zane O'Keefe

Division 10

1. We need to build and maintain an entire network. Roadways are used by people not just motor cars. Transport networks should be focused on supporting multi modal movement. I want to improve the walkability of our neighbourhoods. I want to improve our quality of life by reducing congestion and making our communities safer. For example; We have constructed a new crossing on the corner of Wit street and Esplanade Shelly Beach. We have completed the Margret street walking and wheeler connection by constructing a pedestrian refuge on the esplanade at Torquay beach. We have upgraded a section of roadway on Boat harbour drive at Urangan.

2. Build integrated transportation networks that relieve congestion and improve safety.

Develop neighbourhood specific Local Area Traffic Management Plans that address hooning, congestion and safety concerns.

We can improve accessibility and reduce congestion by building walkable safe connected communities.

Build a second connector for walkers and wheelers to link the CBD of Maryborough to the CBD of Hervey Bay along the recreational Mary to Bay Rail Trail.

3. I will continue to advocate for network improvements on behalf of my neighbours during transport and main roads advisory committee meetings.

I will continue to work together with local and state government transport planners to develop a people focused plan of action around connecting communities.

Joel Mullen Division 1

There are many roads that need urgent attention in Division 1 and throughout the Fraser Coast. Some roads that need attention are Burrum Heads Rd, Pacific Haven Circuit, Herrenburg St, Old Mill Rd, Mungar Rd and well the list goes on. I intend on rallying with the local communities on road issues and all the things associated like footpaths, drainage, Kerb and channel, bridges and maintenance to make sure that our already over populated, outdated roads are fixed with quality civil works and strategic management plans. We are in desperate need of a strategic road management plan for the entire Fraser Coast and other levels of government that identifies responsibilities, maintenance standards and inspection regimes required to manage civil liability as well as demonstrate that the Council, as the road authority, is responsibly managing all the road assets under its control. Our council needs to work together with other levels of government to ensure that a quality standard is also met locally, state wide and Nationally for longevity of our assets.

Stuart Taylor , Division 9

Council works with the State and Federal Government to deliver much needed roads infrastructure throughout the region. The Council receives significant funding for roads and other infrastructure through government grants such as, Financial Assistance Grants, Roads to Recovery, Building Better Regions, and the Transport Infrastructure and Development Scheme.

It is imperative that the next Council commits to the delivery of the 10 Year Capital Budget and not fall into the trap of removing projects that have already been committed through a robust process.

Residents get frustrated when Council commits to a project in the Capital Budget, only to discover it has been taken off the Capital Budget entirely or the delivery time has been pushed out. Our Council has worked hard to ensure that we deliver capital works on time and based on expert assessment of priorities across the region.

George Seymour Mayor

1. My priority is for us to work on improving safety at intersections and crossings.

2. I want to work with all the councillors to identify the roads that need fixing in their divisions.

3. I think I have shown over the past two years that I can work very well with the State and Federal governments to gain funding for our region. We need a council that can work well with other levels of government to get infrastructure upgrades and other improvements for our community.

David Lewis Division 6

1. The biggest traffic issue in Division 6 is the intersection of Ibis Boulevard and Hervey Bay-Maryborough Rd, and the associated entry/exit to the Eli Waters shopping centre.

Others include resolving the left turn only problem at the lights on Serenity Drive and Burrum Heads Rd; issues like the "rat-run" problem of Newhaven St; and peak-time congestion at the Tooth St - Old Maryborough Rd intersection.

2. I have been working with senior staff and the community on Ibis Blvd. Options include widening Ibis to allow a separate lane for car park traffic, and installation of a roundabout at Lake View Ct. The Hervey Bay - Maryborough Rd intersection is State controlled, and our proposals need to align with Transport and Main Roads, causing unfortunate delays. In the meantime I have asked council to widen the concrete aprons for the car park entries for easier access.

The Serenity Drive lights problem arose as a result of TMR decisions. Council has been pressing TMR to resolve this matter, to allow normal four way traffic. While this will be resolved when the adjacent development is built, I continue to seek earlier action.

Recent accidents at Newhaven and Dover Streets highlight the need for traffic calming. I have requested council find and implement solutions. I want to investigate the best options for Tooth St.

3. Council does and must work with all levels of government on these and other major road infrastructure to improve our regional network. I have requested regular briefings with TMR in particular.

Darren Everard Division 7

1. In Division 7, the highest priority is upgrading the Booral Road and Boundary Road intersection.

Given the pending extension of Urraween-Boundary Road to create a new east-west thoroughfare for the city, this will increase traffic volumes on the Booral Road and Boundary Road intersection which will place even more pressure on this crucial road infrastructure.

2. Over the past eight years I have listened to constituents, raised concerns, prioritised and advocated for a number of road upgrades and improvements across Division 7 and beyond. I am pleased this has resulted in are a number of major upgrades in either this year's budget and in the coming years for Division 7 including the Roberts Street & Hughes Road intersection which is well and truly overdue. Projects that I have lobbied for include the upgrades to River Heads Road, Ariadne Street and Cove Blvd as significant examples.

3. Council now has a healthy working relationship with the other levels of government which has not always been the case. The ongoing development and maintenance of these relationships is a key focus of mine going forward. By having respectful conversations with the State and Federal Governments we have been able to deliver significant road projects and record funding into the region. Council are constantly under pressure to deliver more with less so reliance on strategic road and infrastructure funding from the other levels of government is critical to manage the road network to ensure safety of our residents and growth for the future.

David Norman Division 10

1. I plan on doing things a bit differently. As a genuine 'representative' of Div 10 (Urangan), I have consulted them in person and by my social media sites as to what roads 'they' would like given attention.

This is a list of hotspots that concern them:

Boat Harbour Drv (BHD) & Ann St (dangerous, traffic lights)

Boundary Rd & Robert St (dangerous, traffic lights)

Boundary Rd & Walkers Rd & Elizabeth St (realign & traffic lights)

Elizabeth & Moolyyir St (dangerous)

Elizabeth & Layde Crt (dangerous)

Moolyyir & Esplanade (dangerous, trucks & buses cut tight corner)

Bayrise Dr & Ladbroke Cres (dangerous cnr & speeding)

Pulgul St (speeding)

BHD & Elizabeth roundabout (lighting & pedestrians, mobility)

Elizabeth St & Millar St (dangerous, lighting)

Cypress St (speeding)

Doolong South Rd (kangaroos signage)

Maryborough - H Bay Rd & Burrum Hds Rd (traffic lights)

Old Maryborough Rd & Tooth St (dangerous, traffic jam)

Old Maryborough Rd & Maryborough - H Bay Rd roundabout (traffic jam)

2. If elected I will meet with the relevant council departments to see if any plans are in place to resolve these problem areas. If so make sure they are actioned in the quickest possible time. If there isn't, ensure they are planned to be resolved. I will continue to consult with and inform my Div 10 community as to progress.

3. Our council should always be putting pressure on the relevant governments for appropriate funding and prompt action when requested. Not playing Party politics like has been happening.

Gerard O'Connell Division 6

The road network is of immense importance to the life of the whole Fraser Coast.

Many people have spoken to me regarding our road network and I have seen first-hand some of the major priorities.

The intersection of Maryborough Hervey Bay and Pialba Burrum Heads Roads is vital, others worthy of note are Ibis Bolarvard and Islander Road.

This intersection of Maryborough Hervey Bay and Pialba Burrum Heads Roads is extremely important to our community.

It is impractical for Pialba Burrum Heads Road traffic to manoeuvre (or be absorbed) through the intersection in a safe manner.

In an effort to be proactive, I have launched a petition to the state parliament to address this major road issue with a funding commitment. This petition can be accessed and signed online at

Ibis Boulevard, as a main access road into Eli Waters residential area requires upgrading and linkages.

Islander Road, as the road in the centre of a busy commercial precinct, home to over fifty businesses, hundreds of staff, hundreds of clients and customers, need better design work to accommodate traffic flow and safe access.

Daniel Sanderson Division 4

1. There are a variety of roads that require further attention and as a Local Government, we are working progressively towards making sure these roads are the best roads they can be. Some of these roads aren't under our jurisdiction also - one being the Maryborough-Hervey Bay Road which is state government owned. I think this road could into the future become a two way each side road to and from each major city. Another road within my electorate would be Beaver Rock Rod - a great road for a good amount of the way and then becomes gravel and with vehicles taking boating equipment to a popular boat ramp, would be great to see this road improved.

2. I continue to bring to the attention of our relevant staff and fellow Councillors infrastructure requirements I believe require stronger and faster attention than what may already be planned. I believe our current system allows this and works well in alignment with how our road priorities are listed and actioned upon.

3. As a council we continually have road projects that may require funding to be shovel ready so if being able to partner or work with a fellow level of government we can do so and we have been able to do this successfully in past years and I strongly believe can continue moving forward into the future.

Paul Truscott Division 3

1. As a regional councillor we address roads throughout the entire region, but each also has a focus on roads within our division. Through this current term I drive around my division to personally inspect and speak with local residents about their concerns about roads and then raise them at ouncil. With the new boundaries for division 3, we see greater lengths of roads included, particularly in rural areas which have some unsealed roads. I will be working to ensure these roads are graded regularly and action concerns when raised by residents.

2. My plan will be to continue what I have been doing. Meeting with residents, raising concerns and seeking outcomes and action.

It's also not just about the condition of the road, but also how the road is treated by motorists. I have spent a lot of time with residents throughout different areas of my division addressing concerns with hoons and reckless driving then raising these concerns at council and providing attempts or measures to reduce these instances where possible.


Richard Mott Division 6

1. Roads I don't see as a problem in themselves but PEDESTRIAN crossings are. The people of Hervey Bay and our visitors are the most valuable things on the Coast, bar none and we need to protect them as best we can. The lack of PEDESTRIAN crossings in appropriate places is criminal and needs immediate attention. This past week I saw a Mother and her two children literally running to cross the Esplanade. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

2. My plan is already under way with a petition which I have had out for only 2 hours this past weekend and have more than 60 signatures. This will be presented to Council whether I win the poll or not.

3. I don't know how the council should work with other forms of government on the issues of roads as I am not in council yet BUT when I am you can be certain I will know. There will be NO 'I don't know answers from me."

Phil Truscott Division 2

1. For my division (2) it is difficult to pinpoint just a few roads as many in my division are still dirt roads, let alone needing attention. Priority is to seal as many dirt roads as possible, plus Teddington Rd Tinana, Walworth St Tinana, Blowers Rd Munna Ck, Arbor 10 Glenwood, Bauple Dr Bauple. School bus routes and any existing gravel road that has a steep incline will also receive priority from me, these roads exist mainly in Tiaro, Gundiah Bauple & Glenwood. The extremely busy Gympie Rd Tinana where streets enter needs attention due to the inability to turn during peak times.

2. What is your plan for getting roads in your division fixed?

(a) Ensure that a high proportion of rates collected is allocated to road infrastructure in next budget as when things are tight, Council has to give priority to the basics 3 R's (Roads/Rates/Rubbish) (b) Seek funds from the State & Federal govt to ease the burden on local ratepayers (c) Ensure efficiency in council so that those dollars allocated to Roads are used wisely

3. Main roads are already the responsibility of the state government but a very close relationship with the 2 other levels of government is, and always has been a personal policy I have previously adopted and I will continue to do so with the help from my council colleagues.

Karla Reardon Division 6

1. Intersection of Burrum Heads - Pialba Road, Serenity Drive and Drury Lane. A road system that shows poor planning.

Intersection of Burrum Heads- Pialba Road and Maryborough- Hervey Bay road. This is considered by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to be one of their highest safety concerns at a local level.

Ibis Drive - safety issues due to the large volume of vehicles turning into

Eli Waters Shopping Centre. A turning lane is required as a preventive measure to reduce incidents.

The region has multiple roads that require urgent attention; Carkeet Road and Craignish Road (various sections) and Intersection of Urraween Rd and Scrub Hill Road.

2. Mark Spencer, candidate Division 5, has commenced an e-petition into the intersection of Burrum Heads-Piabla road/Serenity Drive, and which I also have been circulating. I also have taken the petition to residents in Division 6 for signatures. In terms of disaster management, Serenity Drive requires a right hand turn. This will be discussions between Council, Developers and State Government.

3. Council should remain aware of the projects funded by the State and Federal Government (Roads to Recovery, Black Spot Program etc)and ensure that relevant ministers/departments received regular communication on the conditions of Fraser Coast Roads.

Graham Taylor Division 5

Fact: we need reasonable roads and they should be already well paid for registration, fuel tax and my pushbike fines you can have best roads in the world.

But they are made unsafe by speed and lack of attention.

Recently in the region I witnessed a man having cordless shave while driving through an intersection with one hand on the steering wheel at central Burrum Heads.

Speed needs to be kept right down with wheelie walkers, mobility scooters and retirees on pushbikes having to use these lanes to access services.

On the lighter side in reality many of us only have few more summertimes left and need to put aside chookrun operas and live for fun.

Simply fix roads, hand politians the bill they have a care of duty to do it re rough roads.

Denis Chapman Division 8

1. I have been very involved in road infrastructure across the Fraser Coast over the last 4 years. Being present at every Traffic Advisory Committee meeting where these issues are discussed with Main Roads, Police, Tran slink , Council Engineers and Staff.

Urraween Rd extension to Boundary Rd is a road that I have long been advocating for. This road is just outside of Division 8 but all Residence across the Fraser coast will benefit. This new link will take pressure off other congested roads, like traffic numbers on Boat Harbour Drive.

2. Council must plan our future infrastructure properly, not on an ad-hoc basis. We need to be proactive, not reactive.

Whilst these roads have already been identified and designed, Council needs more funding to complete. It is easy to say fix these Roads but without funding assistance from levels of government, the rate payers will have to pay and rates will have to go up to cover this infrastructure.

3. We need to collaborate more effectively with both State and Federal Governments to get our fair share of the funding pie. I will continue to be the voice on behalf of ratepayers to rattle the doors of our local members within both levels of government.

Stephen Keightley

Division 8

1. Chapel, Woods and Madsen Roads need urgent upgrades to ensure that they are safe and can handle the increased traffic, especially with the extensive development around the intersection. Booral Road needs further safety and widening work, and in particular it needs raising and the addition of substantial drainage to decrease the incidence of road closures due to stormwater. Exits from shopping centre carparks are poorly designed and need to be replaced, especially at the Urraween Aldi and Eli Waters shopping centre.

2. The Woods/Madsen/Chapel Roads intersection should be expanded to include turning lanes in all directions, and additional street lamps to improve visibility. Booral Road will need to be addressed by the local State Member, in consultation with local residents. The exit from Stockland/Aldi should be widened to three exit lanes, with two turning left onto Main Street. Other roads, such as Fairway Drive need further funds allocation for maintenance. Shopping centre exits will need joint private enterprise/council cooperation to improve safety, traffic flow and upgrade parking facilities.

3. All levels of government need to work collaboratively on infrastructure where there are community needs, we can resolve bigger issues if we work together as an extended team. Council and State members can plan to combine works around major routes, such as Booral Road and the Main/Chapel/Maggs Hill intersection. Councillors and members of other branches of government should consult regularly, both formally and informally to ensure we are working together for the betterment of our region.

Rick Whittle Division 6

I have received 55 replies from my introduction letter, asking residents to address their concerns, and have spoken to another 100 people in division 6. Not once has the issue of road maintaince been raised. So , give credit where it is due, the condition of our roads overall is explementary.

The only issue that is partly associated with the roads in the congestion, including Ibis boulevard, Main street, Old Maryborough and Boat Harbour drive, and the unsafe nature of our pedestrian crossings.

2. To maintain the condition of our roads I would be constantly interacting with residents and monitoring the situation. If there was a concern, the first approach would be contacting the engineering section of council , who would assess the situation, and determine the severity of the issue. They could then refer the matter to Budgeting.

3. As I don't work in the inner sanctum of council , I am not aware of the regulations and protocol. One of my best attributes, which has served me well in my media career is the ability to research and find the right person who is the decision maker.

Jade Wellings Division 5

1. I feel the most urgent works required is actually where two state roads intersect - where the Pialba Burrum Heads Road meets the Maryborough Hervey Bay Road. On a local level I am most questioned about Scrub Hill Road and Carkeet Road. I am also concerned about a few unsealed roads and/or roads that flood such as Toogoom Cane Road which need to be prioritised in order to ensure emergency services have good clear access. There is also a lot of talk from Eli Waters residents about the shopping centre entry/exit on Ibis Blv creating traffic hazards. This shopping centre is much busier than it used to be, so this may need looking at also.

2. To build relationships with other councillors and invite them for a look at the issues we face in Division 5 so that I can gain their support. Then it's about ensuring we balance the needs of division 5 with the needs of the whole Fraser Coast and ensuring we can tackle these priorities whilst staying inside our budget, and obtaining funding from other levels of government where possible. Rates must not increase.

3.A good councillor knows how to work well with others. Keeping a good relationship with state and federal governments is key. In division 5, we will need the state governments support if we are to fix intersections such as Serenity Drive, as the local government cannot do this alone, nor can one councillor.

David Lee Divison 9

1. The Main Street and Boat Harbour Drive and Elizabeth Street and Boat Harbour Drive roundabouts require traffic lights.

Booral Road needs to be raised at or about the Main Street intersection to prevent flooding.

Extend Boundary Road into Urraween Road.

The Denman Camp Road and Boat Harbour Drive intersection requires directional traffic light arrows from all approaches to the intersection.

A solution to the Aldi and Stockland Shopping traffic congestion at the Main and

McLiver Streets intersection.

2. First, I will establish whether the road is a local or state government road because this determines my strategy. A Councillor is elected to a 4 year term and so getting roads fixed requires a realistic and medium term perspective. I will operate from a 4 year plan.

Councillors are required under the Local Government Act 2009 to act in the interests of the Fraser Coast region. Therefore I am required to collaborate with other Councillors in prioritising and scheduling our regions roads.

3. Council must have an overarching and adaptable road management strategy. Any submissions must fit within that strategy. Council should also have an engagement strategy to build strong and effective relationships with other levels of government.

Finally, it often takes considerable time and effort to engage with other levels of government. The Mayor must be supported by a unified Council. If Council is operating from a well-prepared plan they can persist in making articulate and well-reasoned representations to State and Federal Governments.