Big opportunity for M'boro to become RV friendly: travellers

LSTQTR stands for "last quarter” on the number plate of Rob and Jan Eycken's Winnebago because they reckon that's where they are in their time of life.

Based in Maryborough for some of the year, they spent months off exploring Australia. Says Rob: "If we don't do it now we will never do it.”

Like other RV owners based in Maryborough, they are strongly backing the push by civic leaders to provide free short-term parking to bring self-contained travellers off the Bruce Highway.

The RV industry is reckoned to be worth more than $3billion and growing.

"It's no advantage to us but we have lots of friends out there who will come in to Maryborough for a few days if there was somewhere for them to park,” said Rob.

Jan said they had seen communities around Australia "really lifted” when they put out the welcome mat for RVs.

"Tasmania does it the best. It has RV Friendly towns everywhere. The rest of Australia needs to catch up.”