So what if it's the busiest beach in the world? It's still beautiful.
So what if it's the busiest beach in the world? It's still beautiful. Doug Eaton

'Biggest d---head magnet': Byron Bay bashing hits new level

A BRUTAL Facebook post that slams Byron Bay as a "wankeropolis" is going viral on social media.

The Facebook page Sh-t Towns of Australia has almost 10,000 likes and regularly makes derogatory comments about various towns.

Recent victims have included Alice Springs and Geelong. Even the nation's capital, Canberra, has not escaped their wrath.

But now the Facebook group has taken aim at one of our beloved North Coast towns.

And, unfortunately, it has already been shared 300 times and has almost 600 comments - many from people who agree with the sentiment.

Byron Bay lighthouse.Photo Mireille Merlet-Shaw / Northern Star
It's an icon and if you don't like it, you're just jealous. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

The post about Byron Bay reads: "Known as Australia's easternmost point, Byron Bay is also the country's biggest d---head magnet.

"Every type of f---wit under the sun gravitates to Byron: smelly hippies spilling out of their housevans, tattooed surfers fighting each other for territory, barefoot bogans fighting each other for fun, cashed-up boomers flittering between overpriced organic cafes and bulls--t galleries, and overseas millionaires buying up the entire town for holiday homes.

"Byron Bay is Disneyland for dropouts, the Gold Coast for people who prefer their Meter Maids to have hairy pits... it's also a primo spot for seeing whales, which is why Byronites were still slaughtering humpbacks as recently as the 1960s.

"A popular feature is the Cape Byron Lighthouse, which serves the vital purpose of warning passing seafarers away from the complete wankeropolis of Byron Bay.

"We suggest you heed its warning."

SWELL: There were waves around last week under threatening skies  at Main Beach Byron bay.
Our beaches are better than yours. Christian Morrow

Read the full post here.

So now it's time for Byron locals to defend their honour - we want to know what you love about Byron Bay.

Let's prove those bastards wrong.

Send an email to and tell us your favourite thing about Byron Bay.