Have you swapped a car for a bike or cheaper form of transport?
Have you swapped a car for a bike or cheaper form of transport? Jodie Price

Bikes beat rising cost of living prices

WITH petrol prices on the verge of hitting a three-year high, Bicycle Queensland is urging Queenslanders to switch from driving to riding in a bid to beat cost of living pressures.   

Petrol prices are forecast to spike at about 150c per litre in coming days - obliterating the average 130c per litre by 20 cents and threatening to rob $10-15 from the average household's weekly budget.

Bicycle Queensland CEO Anne Savage said drivers were being short-changed.

"Drivers are being short-changed on costs and also travel times, with recent data demonstrating that for many Queenslanders, riding now offers the fastest route to work," Ms Savage said.

"Many families will find it hard to make ends meet if fuel prices keep rising and should seriously consider active transport as a viable option.

"So-called 'cheap Tuesdays' are a relic of the past - 'ride to work days' are the future.

"Riding to work can not only save Queenslanders time and costs, it improves health and fitness.

"Riding is fast becoming our best lifestyle choice - allowing Queenslanders to get fit, save money, save time, and save the planet.

"We know that around 56 per cent of Queensland homes have access to at least one working bicycle, which is a great start for getting more people cycling more often.

"There has never been a better time to try active, healthy travel."

A nationwide commuter survey recently found cycling was the fastest way to get from the outer suburbs to most Australian cities.

"The evidence is clear - congestion on our roads is changing the way we commute," Ms Savage said.

"We'd urge all Queenslanders to protest petrol price rises by taking up cycling.

"For anyone who is fed up with paying high prices for petrol and car parking, but has a little further to travel, electric bikes are on the rise, and help new riders easily overcome distance and hill climbs.

"Over 70 per cent of Australians say they are willing to change their mode of travel to help minimise and avoid congestion, and a whopping 56 per cent are willing to leave the car at home.

"With ongoing and increasing investment in bikeway infrastructure and protected pathways, we can easily make cycling as seamless as car transport across Queensland, expanding the horizons for health and lifestyle across our great state.

"There has never been a better time to make the switch to cycling."

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