BLOATED: Engorged adult cattle ticks are moving your way
BLOATED: Engorged adult cattle ticks are moving your way Contributed

BIOSECURITY BLAST: Tick of disapproval on spreading pest

CATTLE ticks are thinking outside the square and the state government is not keeping up with their spread, Gympie MP and Shadow Agriculture Minister Tony Perrett said yesterday.

Mr Perrett accused the state government of not adequately funding and enforcing the state's cattle tick line.

And he said recent reports of tick infestations in previously tick-free areas highlighted concern about Biosecurity Queensland's policing of the current tick line.

Mr Perrett criticised Queensland Agriculture Minister Mark Furner for not announcing a start on the "promised and now overdue cattle tick line review."

"Instead of announcing the overdue review, all we have seen is the vague commitment of road shows with AgForce to start in August.

"Well August is already here and we still don't have details on when and where these 'listening' opportunities will take place." he said.

Mr Perrett also accused Mr Furner of "sitting on the details for weeks" while keeping graziers in the dark.

As a grazier and landholder in the 'ticky' area, I know firsthand the increased time, hassle and cost associated with managing cattle across the tick line, so I understand people's passion about this issue.


"If the minister is fair dinkum about having a tick line, then it's about time he made sure it's being properly policed.


"Tick lines should be bread and butter for the Ag Department," Mr Perrett said.