Birdwatchers don't support creation of bird feeding stations

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council has voted to allow bird walks rather than establishing a bird feeding station. 

The report, prepared by Fraser Coast chief executive officer Lisa Desmond, was undertaken to provide details of the outcome of public consultation relating to a proposal for a bird feeding station and bird walks.

It detailed the results of a survey, which revealed that 65% of those who voted did not support a bird feeding station, while 68% of those who voted supported the establishment of bird walks.

Bird feeding at Cania Gorge (Belinda Blackburn) - User Contributed
Bird feeding at Cania Gorge (Belinda Blackburn) - User Contributed

Ms Desmond also requested feedback from several groups, including the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, which said bird noise was an impact on the public due to the gathering of birds at bird feeding facilities.

The Hervey Bay Birdwatchers group said it did not support the creation of public bird feeding stations as it attracted unwanted species, while the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland said there had been complaints from the public about the noise caused by lorikeets and it would make no sense to encourage the birds to gather in large numbers.

Mr Seymour said few people wanted bird feeding stations.

Ultimately the motion was passed by seven to four for bird walking tours rather than bird feeding stations. 

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