Blair admits he swung a stick at alleged murder victim

SIMEON Blair has testified he swung a stick at alleged murder victim Cleveland Clay during a fight at a Maryborough pub in 2012, but can't recall if it struck the man.   

Blair gave evidence before Maryborough Supreme Court on Wednesday, where he is on trial accused of murdering Mr Clay by striking him in the head with a piece of wood and causing fatal brain and skull injuries.   

He has pleaded not guilty to the charge.  

Blair told the jury he was not aiming anywhere or thinking about what he was doing when swinging the stick in the early hours of April 28, at the Carlton Hotel.   

He said he had grabbed it from Mr Clay's hands after the alleged victim began to swing it towards him.   

The court heard Mr Clay had been kicking out at Blair during a scuffle on a stair second-storey landing, before Mr Clay fell to the ground.   

Blair said he followed Mr Clay and yelled out at him, grabbed the stick and swung it several times but then walked away.   

University of Sydney clinical professor and forensic pathologist Johan Duflou also appeared as a witness for the defence.   

Dr Duflou was asked to review the results of an autopsy on Mr Clay performed by fellow witness Dr Rohan Samarasinghe.  

He said the three major skull fractures Mr Clay suffered, including one at the base of the skull, would have been caused by a minimum of two impacts with severe force.   

He said the fatal head injuries could have caused by a fall from a height if he struck his head more than once during the fall.   

He also said it would have been possible for Clay to be up and walking for a period of time after he fell from the stair landing even if he had suffered a serious head injury during it.   

The trial will continue on Thursday as defence barrister Catherine Morgan and Crown Prosecutor Glen Cash give their closing arguments to the jury.