Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison.
Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison. BIANCA DE MARCHI/TRACEY NEARMY

Blame Queensland? Try walking a mile in our shoes


QUEENSLAND has yet again become enemy number one with Australian leftists, accused of being "red necks" and "morons" after helping the LNP claim an election win.

It needs to stop.

Despite all polls pointing to a Labor clean sweep, Scott Morrison won the unlikeliest of victories on Saturday night, in a "miracle" result.

Many hit out at the Sunshine State, blasting our "right wing" stance and "outdated views".

Have any of these leftist commentators stepped foot in regional Queensland? I think not.

I have.

I've spent two years in Central Queensland, amongst townships that have battled severe drought, a devastating mining downturn and low employment numbers.

I remember driving through Blackwater for the first time, seeing the empty street front shops boarded up and vacant. It was, and remains a ghost town.

Towns like this and Rockhampton, Townsville and Mackay, need help. They need hope, they need jobs, they need Adani.

What are your thoughts on the response to Queensland's poll numbers in the Federal Election?

This poll ended on 21 June 2019.

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People don't understand what most people in regional areas go through.


I think the response is fair.


The LNP would have won without Queensland.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Many believe Labor's anti-Adani stance and inability to negotiate its environmental agenda saw Queensland voters lose hope which ultimately scared off seats that were once strongholds.

Rather than chastise the state for wanting security and comfort of a mega-coal mine, empathise with how tough they're currently doing.

Yes these working class Australians voted against their traditional party but what choice did they have when they felt their livelihoods were at stake?

Don't blame the state, blame the campaign.