Bleijie will leave Patel decision to DPP

QUEENSLAND'S top law officer is tipped to reveal how many taxpayer dollars have been poured into prosecuting Jayant Patel, but has left it up to the Director of Public Prosecutions to decide if further court action will proceed.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie will not weigh in too heavily on the debate surrounding Dr Patel's outstanding charges only saying he will wait to see what the DPP decides.

"We had an outcome yesterday but I really cannot comment further until such time as the DPP decide over the next few days what they are going to do with the charges," he said.

Mr Bleijie said he had full confidence in the DPP after it lost its case on Wednesday prosecuting the former Bundaberg surgeon for manslaughter.

Dr Patel had pleaded not guilty to unlawfully killing patient Mervyn John Morris in the Bundaberg Base Hospital in 2003.

Mr Morris died three weeks after Dr Patel removed part of his sigmoid colon to stop rectal bleeding.

After an almost month-long trial, a jury found Dr Patel not guilty on Wednesday of manslaughter.

The verdict is a further win for Dr Patel in a long-running court battle.

In 2010, Dr Patel was found guilty of the manslaughter of Mr Morris, and fellow patients Gerry Kemps and James Phillips.

The High Court quashed his conviction in mid-2012 and a retrial in February was ordered.

Despite Wednesday's verdict, Dr Patel still faces two manslaughter, two grievous bodily harm, seven fraud and one attempted fraud charge, which the DPP is considering whether to pursue.

Mr Bleijie said he was willing to release figures on how much the State had spent to prosecute Dr Patel.

"I think it is in the public interest to release the figures so we can get that worries," he told reporters on Thursday.

"If we can get them today we are happy to get them today for you if we now how much it has cost.

"I think it is in the public interest to know how much a prosecution has cost."