WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?: What is the problem with same-sex marriage?
WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?: What is the problem with same-sex marriage? dolgachov

Blind faith in religion telling us to ignore same-sex facts



A quick Google search gives the following definition:

The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

Another search gives the following description for faith:

Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

The past week's blow-up over Margaret Court's comments has tested my patience.

I'm not here to debate what Margaret said.

She's entitled to an opinion, so she can go for her life in voicing it.

I'm here to debate the debate that at-present isn't being allowed to take place.

You with me?

It's galling to see the number of conservatives, right-wingers, Christians and others spring forward claiming freedom of speech, in defence of Ms Court's opinions.

They rattle off verses of the Bible, talk of God's laws and a desperate need to protect the sanctity of an already badly-failing institution that is marriage as 'God' intended.

Those that are religious among us will take this personally, even though no offence is meant.

But religion is simply blind faith in something there is no proof of.

So to be rattling off biblical verses as if they are law, regardless of whether or not a nation's 'values', which to-date have proven hard to define, are based on them, is foolish.

Like Ms Court, I'm entitled to a view, and my view is faith and religion are outdated, irrelevant and judgmental, but there are plenty of people in society who rely on both.

If it helps them get by, good luck to them.

Some of us prefer to keep our faith in ourselves, or science and evidence-based deductions about the way of the world and how it came about.

And some of us don't need a book about a man and a talking snake to understand what it takes to be a decent human being.

But the failing I see on behalf of those vehemently opposed to the 'devil' that is allowing two people of the same sex to marry is an ignorance, or oversight, in seeing basic evidence of life.

Love and marriage are not gifts, they are basic humans right to be accessed, if we choose, not political footballs or 'gifts from God'.

Two people of the same sex can be in love. Often more-so than those in hetero marriages, some for the second or third time, who still consider gay marriage as the heralding of society's descent into Armageddon.

Traditional marriages are also failing. Badly. Anyone who argues otherwise, regardless of which side of this fence they sit, is kidding themselves.

So what is truly wrong with allowing same-sex marriage? At the very least, the public should be allowed a say on this, if our MPs don't have the backbone to extend a human right to all.