Ronnie and Georgia and confronted with the allegations on The Block.
Ronnie and Georgia and confronted with the allegations on The Block. Channel 9

The Block cheating scandal comes to blows

THE BLOCK building site was at a standstill last night as controversial couple Ronnie and Georgia Calouras came under siege from fellow competitors accusing them of cheating.

Earlier this week, the Perth couple were accused of copying the design of their children's room from a Melbourne-based interior design store called Norsu interiors after contestant Jason was forwarded a photo exposing the similarities.

And on Tuesday night it came to blows as Jason and the other couples confronted Ronnie and Georgia. Jason raised questions about the originality of their kids room and Georgia was quick to fire back.

"So you're basically calling me a cheat. Is that what your doing?" she snapped.

She went on to defend her design.

"OK, I've got to say something. I have got to defend myself here. I am highly passionate about that bedroom I did," she said.

"I went into that store because I knew I wanted the Mrs Migehtto prints. I knew I wanted the Incy interiors bed. They happen to be stockists of that. I one hundred and fifty per cent did that whole room on my own. I did not have help from them. And I take pride in my interior design abilities and I won't let you say that they helped me on that."

*WARNING embargoed until 8.30pm Sunday August 20* Ronnie and Georgia's winning kids bedroom in a scene from The Block.
Ronnie and Georgia's controversial kids room. Channel 9

But that wasn't the only accusation hurled at the couple.

Jason said he's noticed a "couple of extra people" leaving Ronnie and Georgia's house in previous nights - and it appeared to be tradie friends the couple flew over from Perth to help with the renovation.

The rules of The Block state only the competing couples can reside at the site. Jason and the other teams believe that letting FIFO contractor mates stay on premises provides an unfair financial advantage.

"I think they should be leaving The Block at night, going and staying somewhere, and coming back here in the morning," Jason said. "I think it provides an unfair advantage because if you had to pay for them - a living away from home allowance - to stay in a hotel like everyone else in Australia it would roughly be about $420 a night."

The other teams turned on Ronnie and Georgia and they were also accused of stealing an iPad before the fiery argument descended into name calling.

As Georgia stormed off back to her work site, she let rip a foul-mouthed tirade to her husband Ronnie.

"All they did was just attack us then. That's all that was. I don't f***ing appreciate that," she huffed. He tried to console her but then she turned on him.

"Don't tell me to be quiet! If I have an opinion I can talk! I don't care if they hear me! Jason is an a***hole. He's such a f***ing d***head! What a f***ing prick! This is f***ing bulls***!"

Ronnie tried to calm her down by explaining "this is what happens when you're at the top", but the arrogant statement only angered her more.

"Would you stop f***ing saying that! Stop saying we're 'at the top' - you sound like a f***ing d***head every time you say that. Don't you understand that?" she yelled. "That's why people think you're an asshole. F***ing stop saying things like that. Because it puts pressure on us to f***ing stay up there."

Later on, as Jason apologised to Ronnie for the way the argument unfolded, Georgia went on the warpath to find out who circulated the photo from the professional design business.

In a private interview with producers, contestant Hannah admitted she found the photo on social media and casually showed it to her partner Clint. Clint then showed the photo to the rest of the boys on site.

While it's against the rules for teams to use the services of a professional interior designer while competing on the show, host Scott Cam pointed out all contestants use social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest for style inspiration.

The allegations against Ronnie and Georgia will continue on Sunday night's episode.

The Block continues tonight at 7.30pm on Nine.