Bindi Irwin has been named the most influential person on the Sunshine Coast. Photos: Robert Irwin/Patrick Woods
Bindi Irwin has been named the most influential person on the Sunshine Coast. Photos: Robert Irwin/Patrick Woods

‘Blown away’: Bindi reacts to Power 100 honour


IT'S said the sole advantage of power is that one has the opportunity to do more good.

In Bindi Irwin's case, this couldn't be closer to the truth.

The Crocodile Hunter's daughter was today revealed as the most influential person on the Sunshine Coast, as per the Daily's Power 100 list.

Reacting to the news, Bindi said she was "blown away" to receive the top spot.

"I'm incredibly honoured to be recognised in such an amazing way," she said.

The wildlife lover's reach across the country is undeniable, with more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram to which she often calls for change.

Yet for Bindi, power isn't measured by a follower count.

"I feel that we all have a purpose in life," she said.

"Personally my mission is to help protect our wildlife and wild places while also hopefully inspiring others to make a difference for our planet.

"My dad first created the term 'Wildlife Warrior', someone who stands up and speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

"I think of myself as a Wildlife Warrior with the goal of doing everything I can to make the world a better place during the time I have.

"I'm grateful to live in a day and age where I can reach out to so many people with a message. I hope to use my voice for good and live with purpose."

Robert, Terri and Bindi Irwin with Chandler Powell.
Robert, Terri and Bindi Irwin with Chandler Powell.

The past year was personally one Bindi is sure to never forget, celebrating her 21st birthday with hundreds of supporters at Australia Zoo and most notably getting engaged to wakeboarder boyfriend Chandler Powell on the same day.

She said her family continued the work her dad would surely be proud of through 2019.

"We filmed season two of our Animal Planet show, Chandler and I got engaged and we achieved a lot in the world of conservation," she said.

"This last year we partnered with The Black Mambas, an all female anti-poaching unit in Africa.

"Our Wildlife Hospital treated thousands of animal patients and we worked on a brand new tracking method for our world's largest crocodile research project.

"Everything we do revolves around our conservation work and each year there seems to be more that needs to be done."

Reflecting on the devastation our planet and wildlife endured through 2019, Bindi encouraged all to embrace the inspiring vision her dad shared.

"Now more than ever the planet needs our help and we need to do our best every day to make a difference," she said.

Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin at the Australia Zoo.
Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin at the Australia Zoo.

"Sometimes, it's really challenging to remain positive. There are a whole lot of battles that we all face on a daily basis. However, when I spend time with a wildlife hospital patient or a person who wants to help make a difference, I'm reminded of why we can't give up.

"That's what life is about, being kind to others and working towards a better tomorrow."

With 2020 in her sights, Bindi said she was looking forward to achieving multiple personal milestones this year.

"Chandler and I are getting married here at Australia Zoo which we're really looking forward to," she said.

"His family is from Florida and most of them are travelling to Australia for the very first time to come to our wedding which is really special.

"We're also celebrating 50 years of Australia Zoo and looking forward to honouring dad and all that he achieved.

"I believe everyone should make 2020 the year of using their position to uplift and encourage each other. It's truly powerful to be a kind person. One should never to confuse kindness with weakness."