Boaties praised by marine rescue for staying safe

IT HAS been smooth sailing for the Volunteer Marine Rescue crew these holidays, with no major or minor incidents to report.

The VMR Hervey Bay crew monitor the Great Sandy Strait, keeping a watchful eye over boaties on the water.

Vice commodore Jill Barclay said the school holidays were usually a busy time for boaties - but this year had been quieter due to the weather.

The first week the weather wasn't all that conducive to boating, it was blowing 20 knots some days," she said.

"Last week was much nicer- there was a few boats out but it was still pretty quiet."

The crew's operations usually involve towing broken boats or people who have run out of fuel.

A part from one yacht with a broken motor, VMR was quiet.

"We had a couple of medi-vacs and a tow but that was about it," Ms Barclay said.

VMR Hervey Bay want more boats to use their logging system, which details to the radio room what boats are out and when they will return.

"Only about 10 to 20% who go out log on with us, so we'd like to increase that," Ms Barclay said.

"It's a safety thing for them - if something does happen it gives us a starting point."