A Fraser Isalnd dingo snapped on the beach.
A Fraser Isalnd dingo snapped on the beach. Contribuited

Dingo debate will sort out the Fraser Island situation

DINGOES: Conservationists say they're needed to balance the ecosystem, others say they are a pest.

Just how dingoes have impacted on the Fraser Coast region will be debated at an information session next week when a dingo expert and farmers will give their opinions at a Hervey Bay function.

Charles Darwin University ecologist and dingo expert Arian Wallach will speak about the roles dingoes play in restoring and protecting biodiversity and three farmers will speak about how dingoes impact their livelihoods.

Conservationist Carol Bussey, organising the information session, said it was important to present a balanced argument.

"(Dr Wallach) is going to talk about the positive role the dingo plays in the environment but then we also need to consider the role of which the dingo is persecuted, as it does take calves and sheep," she said.

Ms Bussey said 28 mammals had become extinct in Australia and many people believed it was because dingoes were eradicated in these areas, which allowed cats and foxes to take over.

She said having apex predators balanced an ecosystem. For example, wolves have been reintroduced in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, in the US and Ms Bussey said this reduced the population of smaller predators, coyotes, and also forced deer, elk and moose to be more careful of them for fear of being hunted.

The dingo information session will be held on Sunday, May 17, at 2pm at Hervey Bay Community Centre, Charles St, Pialba. To register phone Karin 4124 1979 or Carol 4129 5979.