CRAZY BUSY: City Beach manager Elme Schoonwinkel and Casey Berridge at the Boxing Day sales.
CRAZY BUSY: City Beach manager Elme Schoonwinkel and Casey Berridge at the Boxing Day sales. Lauren Connor

Boxing Day brings crowds to the shops

RETAILERS could have been excused for thinking that with such a good retail season before Christmas, the Boxing Day sales could be a little quiet.

But they would have been wrong, with thousands of eager bargain hunters filling car parks and stores.

Just getting a carpark close to the shopping centre proved a challenge.

Caneland Central's City Beach store manager Elme Schoonwinkel said the crowds had exceeded her expectations.

"I don't think we were expecting this big a crowd, our line has pretty much been to the back of the store all day,” she said.

"We have rostered quite a few more people on. We have every register going ... to try and meet the customers' needs.”

Compared to the past few years this Christmas and Boxing Day period has

been one of the busiest in years for retailers.

"For the town there is a lot more people spending more money in store,” she said.

"Even the week leading up to Christmas it was just crazy busy every single day.”

After relocating to a busier part of the centre earlier this year, Rockwear manager Corinna Hodgson said it had positively impacted on its Boxing Day sales.

"It has been absolute, frantic busy,” she said.

"We have tripled our figures from the old store last year.”

The store had also tripled its gift card intake, with many using the gift cards they received as Christmas presents on the sales.

While some where trying to get the best deals, others were returning or exchanging unwanted gifts from Christmas.

Darcie and Alli Rolf battled the crowds in the centre to exchange an

iPad they received for Christmas.

"We had to change our iPads because they were glitching and being slow,” they said.

Pandora, a popular store for gifts before Christmas, was just as popular on Boxing Day but for a different reason.

"We have a lot of exchanges,” Pandora sales assistant Cobie Pitt


"I think half of our sales today have pretty much been exchanges.”