PAGE 36: Britney Boyce hops back on the bike.
PAGE 36: Britney Boyce hops back on the bike. Matthew McInerney

Boyce on track after a broken back

BRITNEY Boyce admitted she was scared ahead of her return to motocross.

It will be her first race since her near 12-month recovery from a broken back, sustained in the corresponding race last year.

It all happened on the first corner of the first race of the first round of the 2017 Sunshine State MX Series.

Boyce entered the Coolum track with a view to kickstart her season with a clean victory.

She left with a fractured pelvis, a fractured spine, widespread bruising, and a 12-month recovery.

"We came into the corner off the start gate so there were 20 to 25 riders,” Boyce recalled at Hervey Bay Motocross Club's Dundowran track yesterday.

"One fell off and there was a big dust patch, so couldn't see where I was going.

"I ran over the bike in front of me, came off my bike and landed on the ground on my bum. It shocked up and fractured my back.”

She spent most of 2017 either at Fraser Coast or Brisbane hospitals, or pools at Maryborough and Hervey Bay to rehabilitate.

"There was a lot of rehabilitation, a lot of being in the pool day in, day out, each week to rebuild my body strength,” she said.

"I pretty much missed a whole year of school.

"I spent most of my time in hospital or rehab so my back could handle the pressure of the motorbike and bumps and all that.”

Boyce persevered, and tomorrow will line up in the first round of the Airoh MX Sunshine State Series.

She will be one of 10 senior women to compete at the two-day event. Junior riders will hit the track from 8am today, while senior and professional riders will compete tomorrow.

Boyce said she was not deeply concerned about performance. Her focus was to complete the weekend.

"It could be a good weekend for me, it could be a really crappy weekend, but I just have to take it as it goes,” she said.

"This weekend is more to get a feel for the bike.

"I'm not there to win, if I do it's a bonus, but if I can just get the top five it'd be awesome.”

The lead-up to her first race in a year has been anything but smooth.

"We've been training a bit leading up to it but the bike's been broken,” the 16-year-old said.

"It cost a couple of grand to fix it. I stripped the gear pods off it so had to replace the whole gearbox.

"It kept jumping out of gear when I was practising down here.”

The Airoh MX Sunshine State Series has attracted hundreds of riders, including former two-time national motocross champion Dean Ferris, under-19 national champion and current MX2 vice champion Wilson Todd, and dual Queensland title holder Kaleb Barham.

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