PHOTOS: 'Street full of people': Barney Point house blaze


  • The house at 101 Barney St, Barney Point, was engulfed in flames
  • There were initially two fire units at the scene, but more were coming.
  • No one was inside the house.
  • Gladstone Police labelled the fire as suspicious, and will conduct investigations today.

UPDATE 7.45am:

BARNEY Point residents are watching from their front lawns as emergency services crews continue their investigations into how the home, at 101 Barney St, was found well alight.

This morning the fire was smouldering and fire crews continued their efforts to control it.

A neighbour, Shirley Wrobouskie, said it was a scary scene last night.

"I heard a really loud bang and I thought it was just my neighbour moving furniture or something," she said.

"Then I had the lights, from the fire trucks circling around my room, the reflection was coming through my window."

She walked out on her front porch to see five fire trucks and four police cars.

"The street was full of people," she said.

Another neighbour, who chose not to be named, said they could see the flames inside the home.

"I was getting ready to go to bed and then I heard the bang and looked outside, and that's when I saw the flames inside the house," she said.

UPDATE May 16, 6.15am: 

Barney Point house fire :
Barney Point house fire :


GLADSTONE Police have labelled last night's house fire "suspicious" and the criminal investigations branch will begin its investigations today.

At 10.30pm the police were called to Barney St where residents reported hearing a "loud bang" and "an explosion".

When officers arrived at the street they found the house, 101 Barney St, was on fire.

The whole of Barney St was closed as Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews worked for 15 minutes to control the blaze.

No one was inside the house.

May 15, 11.20pm:

FIRE crews are "fighting" a house fire at Barney Point that is now "well alight".

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said "the front of the building was well alight and firefighters are fighting it".

>>House fire 'can't be an accident': Barney Point owner

Two fire units are at the scene, with more expected to arrive.
Two fire units are at the scene, with more expected to arrive.

He said fire crews are trying to work out if, and how many, people are in the house at 101 Barney St.

"We are trying to work out who the occupant is, who's in there -- we haven't got an answer yet," he said.

There are around a dozen emergency personnel on scene, including police, paramedics, and firefighters.

Two fire units have arrived, but the spokesman said there is more on their way.

Emergency crews don't yet know how the fire started.