BREAKING: New case of coronavirus confirmed in Wide Bay

A NEW case of coronavirus has been confirmed in the Wide Bay.

That brings the region's total number of cases to 17.

Across the state there were 31 new cases confirmed on Sunday.

Contact tracing is underway for the 31 new cases.

In new restrictions enacted by the Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young yesterday to slow the spread of novel coronavirus, Queenslanders cannot have more than 10 people in their house at any one time, excluding households where more than 10 people ordinarily reside.

Dr Young asked all Queenslanders to limit visiting others in their home and to consider other ways of keeping in touch, such as phone calls. 

"We need everyone to stay in their own home where possible and ensure social distancing at all times. Unfortunately this no longer means you can invite your friends over," Dr Young said.

"We understand how important social contact with friends and family is but we need to do everything we can to slow down the spread of novel coronavirus and this means limiting the number of people in each household to a maximum of 10."

Dr Young said this did not apply to households where more than 10 people ordinarily reside in the household.

"For example, if 12 people live in one household, they can be there at the same time, but no visitors are allowed," Dr Young said.