DOG ATTACK: One of the cows that was set upon.
DOG ATTACK: One of the cows that was set upon. Alistair Brightman

COUNCIL: Pair of dogs seized after cow attacks in Eli Waters

TWO dogs believed to be involved in an attack on cattle in Eli Waters have been seized by the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Truck driver Kenneth Bauer was left angry and frustrated last week after two dogs viciously attacked his dexter cows and his bull, which are beloved pets.

The smallest of the herd was pulled to the ground and mauled on the face.

Mr Bauer said the animals returned and once again chased cattle in his field, but his wife was able to scare them off before the dogs could inflict much more than a nip.

Alerted by his neighbour, Mr Bauer was in his vehicle returning home when he rang the council and told compliance officers the dogs, described as black staffies, had returned.

A short time later a dog matching the description of one of the attacking animals was found by the council and a second one was seized a short time later.

A council spokesman confirmed the dogs were being held pending an investigation.

Last week the council's director of development and community Gerard Carlyon said while the council could not guarantee reimbursement for vet bills Kenneth Bauer paid after his three-year-old cow was injured, the dogs would likely be impounded and possibly euthanised.