Prison officers are regularly being assaulted in Queensland's overcrowded prisons.
Prison officers are regularly being assaulted in Queensland's overcrowded prisons.

Breaking point: Qld prison officers ‘bashed almost daily’

TWO prison officers were assaulted by a prisoner at Townsville jail this week after they were trying to hand out medication.

The officers were trying to deliver medication when a prisoner punched them in the face about 5.30pm Monday.

The jail staff were taken to hospital with facial injuries and the prisoner was placed in the detention unit.

The jail had been in lock down at the time after prisoners had earlier thrown property around a jail unit, which damaged the officer station about 3.30pm.

Officers told The Courier-Mail that windows were smashed and dryers and fridges were damaged.

It's understood the officers were feeding prisoners door-to-door when they let the inmate out to give him medication before the assault.

"Management and senior officers are continuing to support the officers, their families and their colleagues," a Queensland Corrective Services statement said.

"Unfortunately from time to time our officers are required to put themselves in harm's way to ensure the safety and security of the community."

In a separate incident, an officer was hit in the face at Woodford jail yesterday after a prisoner refused to take directions from him.

Officers used gas on the prisoner after he advanced towards other officers, the QCS spokesman said.

The officer was assessed at the jail's medical centre.

The latest incidents follow multiple assaults at Borallon jail last week.

Together Union industrial services director Michael Thomas said prison officers had been assaulted almost every day in the last week.

"We're basically at a point now where assaults are a daily occurrence in corrections," he told The Courier-Mail.

"And the things we need to do to stop the assaults - the rolling out the provision of OC spray, the installation of hatches in cell doors, ensuring we have the right number of staff on the floor to manage prisoners - all these things can be done and need to be done.

"It's just not good enough that the safety of prison officers is put at risk because the government can't provide the funds necessary to provide a safe workplace."

Mr Thomas said while corrections said assaults happened "from time to time" it was "unfortunately becoming a daily occurrence".

"It isn't from time to time and action needs to be taken," he said.

In another incident today an officer was injured after he had a cup of hot water thrown on him at Lotus Glen jail in Far North Queensland.

An officer said the assault happened because the prisoner was annoyed he couldn't access his cell when he wanted.

"Around 12:30pm, an agitated prisoner approached an officer at the unit's officers station and threw a cup of hot water at the officer," the QCS spokesman said.

"The officer was assessed at the medical centre and is receiving treatment.




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