ON SCENE: Emergency crews on scene at Oak Ave. Picture: Jessica Paul
ON SCENE: Emergency crews on scene at Oak Ave. Picture: Jessica Paul

Dramatic Warwick police operation comes to close

UPDATE OCT 2 7.45AM: Warwick police have taken the man involved in the 12-hour rooftop siege into custody, bringing the operation to a close. 

The man first appeared on the Tyrepower rooftop at about mid-morning yesterday. 

An eyewitness told the Daily News the man was being hosed by a fire crew at about 11pm, and the scene was cleared a short while later. 

The man is expected to appear in Warwick Magistrates Court this morning. 


UPDATE 7PM: Negotiations between Warwick police and a man behaving erratically on a rooftop have continued into the night. 

The man, who has now been on the roof of the Tyrepower building on king St since mid-morning, is at this stage still refusing to come down. 

Multiple Warwick police officers, professional negotiators, and several of the man's friends and family members have attempted to talk him down from the roof. 

Police officers at the scene have indicated emergency services will remain in place for as long as is necessary. 

King St will remain cordoned off between Canning St and Albion St until further notice.


UPDATE 4.15PM: POLICE officers have cordoned off areas of King St as they try to negotiate with a man on a roof behaving erratically. 

The man, who appears to be in his 30s or 40s, has now been on the roof of Tyrepower building in King St for several hours.

Police have blocked off entry to the street between Canning St and Albion St, advising drivers should avoid the area wherever possible.

Warwick Automatic Transmissions owner Wayne Cottee said he first noticed the man on the roof at about 11am this morning.

"He was walking around with no shirt on and parading about, and he was all agitated, which I guess is understandable," Mr Cottee said.

"I was driving down to turn into King St and that's when we saw all the police there, looking up at this guy waving his arms around.

"They've been there ever since, and it's definitely been the talk of the street."

Paramedics, a fire crew, and at least three police units remain at the scene.

A QAS spokeswoman said they were unable to disclose the person's condition due to the nature of the incident.

Warwick Police have been contacted for comment.


12.40PM: POLICE and emergency services are responding to an unfolding "mental health" incident in the Warwick CBD.

A QPS spokeswoman said police are negotiating with a resident attempting to self-harm at a residence on Oak Ave near King St.

Paramedics and fire crews remain on scene.

A QAS spokeswoman was unable to confirm the person's condition.

Further information to come.